4 Ways to Make Safari Run Faster on Your Mac

Mac Won’t Turn On

A nice browsing experience begins with a reliable web browser. So, having a browser that feels slow as it should or crashes on you is not fun at all. How many times have you had to stop the spinning beach ball on your Mac?

Well, it is understandable because devices get overwhelmed, depending on how we engage them. For instance, one of the most common Mac problem is having to deal with a slow Safari. Luckily, you can fix that. Let us share some tips you can use to fix that problem.

Practice Proper Browser Hygiene by Clearing Caches and Cookies

One way of fixing a slow safari is practicing browser hygiene. The beauty is that there are many great tips on Safari browser hygiene that you can learn from. For starters, you can begin by clearing your cache and cookies.

It’s simple, with time, your browser might get overloaded with the extra scripts and the small pieces of data stored in your browser after visiting a site. These overloads eventually slow down your browser. It is therefore recommended that you clear the caches and cookies regularly to achieve better functionality.

How to empty the cache on safari browser

  • Open safari
  • On the menu bar, find the preferences icon
  • Go to the advanced tab. Find the “Show Develop menu in menu bar’’ and check it
  • Now, go back to the Menu bar and click on the enabled Develop menu      
  • Select the empty cache option

Disable Bad Extensions

One important aspect to note is that not all extensions will work well with your device. You have to know those that don’t work well and avoid them. On the other hand, you must ensure to update and correctly optimize those that work with your device.

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To disable bad extensions, you will open safari, find preference in the menu bar, click the advanced tab, and click mark Show Develop menu in that bar, then select the disable extensions. At the same time, you can check the box to automatically update extensions from the Safari extensions gallery.

Update Your Safari Browser to the Latest Version

Part of the reason your browser is slow is that you are running an old version of it. Updating your browser not only improves your browsing experience but also keeps you safe from viruses and hackers. It is important to keep in mind that the Mac operating system and safari web browser work hand in hand.

So it is important to update both the operating system and the browser to achieve the best. If you are not on the latest macOS, simply open the App store from Finder and navigate to update. On the menu, you will find the available update for safari and click on it.

Check Your Network

Before you decide to go haywire about your slow browsing experience, you might want to check your computer’s network. Sometimes slow speed can be a result of your network performing poorly.

There are many causes of a low-speed network, such as having too many programs running, overloading your Mac, or the internet itself. To solve this, you need to check your network issue, close useless running programs and clean your Mac

Wrap Up!

Safari is one of the best browsers known for being user friendly with great security features. We all want to enjoy a seamless browsing experience, right?

To achieve that, you must put in the work and practice proper browser hygiene. You can begin with some of the tips we have covered. Don’t forget to protect your security as you surf the web.


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