6 Reasons to Choose Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development

Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development

The Agile Methodology is a term used for an incremental and iterative app development approach, in which the complete app development process cycle is broken down into smaller modules that can be considered as mini-projects, and assigned to different developers.

Here are 6 reasons why the Agile Methodology has proven itself the most suitable for Mobile App Development-

1. Instant Performance and Return on Investment Value

The Agile Methodology allows you to develop your application at a good speed and helps you avoid any wastage of time in waiting for the completion of the building of your app. That is usually the problem with many other apps that provide app development services, but with Agile, the iterative characteristic makes it convenient to work with.

As the trends of the market change so quickly these days, it becomes essential for the business professionals to look out for them and stay up to date with them. When they use Agile, they get to customize the application as per the needs of the market throughout the course of the development and avoid worrying about being coveted there.

In this methodology, the stakeholder gets to be connected to the leader of the project being worked on and maintain the coordination very well.

2. Agile Methodology is a Result-Driven, Hassle-Free, and Cost-Effective Method

Agile is a very efficient method, it helps you in avoiding a lot of chaos and confusion that may go on when using any other type of app development method. Since the work gets distributed, everything about the project- the targets, the vision, the visuals of it, the interface, etc.- all are planned from the beginning and planned very carefully, thus the product at the end is flawless and of high quality.

With this approach, there is no need to wait for one person to finish their work so that you can supervise and see if the work is being executed properly. As it is carried out by more than one person, numerous deadlines, constant reminders and other such trivial issues would not come in your way in this case.

The expenses are accordingly, not in bulks, so the cost can be cut or managed conveniently and as per what suits the client best. The budget and investment are pretty flexible while using this method and can be increased at any point in the project in case the clients need a higher model, better quality, and standard of the product.

3. It is a People-Centered Method

As the work is divided among many members of the team, the coordination and rapport between them is a really important thing. While working with this approach, all the team members have to be harmonious and collaborate in such a way that the product comes out organized and well put together.

For this, the team has to understand the demand and taste of the client very well, and thus, they all work closely, including the client, in order to understand the requirements. This helps in having a clear idea about the work at hand, and also ensures everybody working together is transparent with the other.

All the discussions and attending sessions together and learning so much together helps create a good and healthy, robust working environment, which becomes the platform for growth and development for everyone. This also increases the relationships between all the team members and that with the mobile/android app development company. So all this leads to the company having a better status than otherwise.

4. Timely Completion of the App Development and thus, Better Presence in the Market.

Sometimes when we try to do a huge project all by ourselves, even though we have sufficient time at hand, the thought of having to do it all and the planning can stress you out. Doing the series of jobs feels like a burden then.

When this same work gets divided among qualified people, who are not just fond of it or good at it, but also specialize in that particular task, the job seems much easier and enjoyable to do.

This way each person working on the development of the app has only some or few deadlines to meet, so there is no panicking and only comfortably working on what they love to do.

As soon as the parts of work keep getting done, they can be put together, and the performance of each part as well as the interaction between them all can be checked. And if anything at all is found to be unsuitable, it can be changed or modified right away without having to disturb or make any changes in any other part of the app.

This ensures the work is done within no time, and can be launched in the market. I mean, who wouldn’t like that!

5. It is Safer from a Technical Point of View

While using such methods for app development, one of the aspects to keep in mind is all the possibilities of threats and hurdles. When you work using the Agile methodology, your concerns and worries about your budget management, planning of the timeline, and various other such factors, get taken care of.

It allows you to take more calculated risks so that you can go out in the world and work without any hesitation or constraints.

The app gives the option of continuous testing before it has to get introduced in the market. The constant invigilation helps with detecting any drawbacks, issues, or bugs that may have been in the application and can be fixed properly.

6. Helps You Add Your Own Touch to Your App and thus, Makes Your App Different from the Rest

In today’s world, where the markets are highly competitive, uniqueness is what catches the eye. It becomes very important for the app you develop to have something new to offer to its customers and users.

With so many new technologies come various new features in every product built. By using the Agile methodology, keep up the business agility of your clients by making rapid, continuous, and systematic evolutionary adaptations to the app. And the entrepreneurial innovation that you used in your app will also need to be directed at gaining and maintaining competitive advantage.

The goal is to have an edge over the competitors.


Agile Methodology is very coveted, and it is highly recommended in the market. It is the best method for developing mobile apps that we have, and works well for everybody regardless of how advanced or amateur their professional life has been associated with app development.

Unlike other methods and even the Waterfall methodology, Agile helps you in having time to time feedback from your client and building the app accordingly, in having strong ties with the people you work with, in enjoying a growth-friendly work environment, creating superior quality apps using your skills, and so much more.

It also keeps the newly developed app in sync with the old data and ensures there is a balance between the older technologies and the new one. It is budget-friendly; helps you try out innovative ideas as well as your client can do the same.

You can customize as much as you like, and make the app just as your clients would like it. It is a very popular method and rightly so, so do try it out without any apprehension and hopefully, it would bring you glory just the way it has helped so many others do it.

<strong>James Grills</strong>
James Grills

James Grills is currently associated with Cumulations Technologies, an Android App Development company in India. He is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology.


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