3 Best Paraphrasing Apps for Android in 2024

Paraphrasing Apps for Android

Android apps are an essential part of our everyday lives nowadays. Rewriting applications is no exception!

For students and professionals alike, paraphrasing or rewriting is a necessary skill to master. These paraphrasing tools in the form of Android apps have become indispensable for rewriting essays, and articles in a swift yet efficient manner.

This article will delve into three top-rated paraphrasing applications available on Android devices by 2024. We will explore their key features and usability according to user reviews along the way. Get ready – your writing experience is going to enhance tenfold times!

Top 3 Paraphrasing Apps

Paraphrasing apps are invaluable pieces of software that provide alternative versions of a given text while preserving its core message.

These apps run on AI algorithms that are critical to the success and accuracy of these tools. The tool replaces words with synonyms but also comprehends the context for it all to make sense and be readable when complete.

The paraphrasing applications have truly revolutionized how we rewrite by making sure any written content is plagiarism-free yet still retains its original essence.

The cool bit is, you can write anywhere, anytime with mobile devices. Here are the 3 Android apps that you should try for paraphrasing:

1. Paraphrasing Tool by ASK SEO

Paraphrasing Tool by ASK SEO

The Paraphrasing Tool by ASK SEO rewriting app available on Android. This rewriting app is rich with multiple features that significantly improve the writing experience.

This app is designed for all kinds of writers. Be it students, professionals, or content writers. It can paraphrase content both online and offline.

Key Features

Four paraphrasing modes: The app offers four distinct writing modes – Text Improver, Near Human, Plagiarism Remover, and Creative.

Each mode has a specific function:

  • Plagiarism Remover helps make the content unique, eradicating plagiarism from copied text.
  • Text Improver enhances readability and fixes grammatical mistakes by altering words and sentences for clarity.
  • Near Human mode rephrases text in a human-like tone, making the content more engaging.
  • Creative Mode adds a creative flair to the text. It is ideal for writers looking to add a fresh take on their content.

Multilingual support: The app supports multiple languages. It can rewrite in 12 other languages other than English.

Characters Limit: You can rephrase up to 20,000 characters at once.

Upload options: You can direct uploading of PDF or Word files.

Save and share: It provides the convenience of copying results with one click.

Pros and Cons


  • The app supports 12 languages other than English.
  • It can paraphrase up to 20,000 characters at once.
  • The paraphrasing tool allows you to directly upload PDF or Word files from your device.
  • It also offers the convenience of one-click copying of the rephrased text results.


  • As with any AI tool, the quality of paraphrasing may vary depending on the complexity of the original text.

Paraphrasing Tool by ASK SEO remains a popular choice for an efficient and versatile paraphrasing tool on Android devices.

Download the app from this link:

Download the app

2. Paraphraser: Reword Your Text

Paraphraser: Reword Your Text

The Paraphraser app rewrites your article, maintaining the context while changing the phrasing.

It is equipped with numerous features that can simplify or expand upon your text.

At the same time, it also provides you with a rephrased version free of plagiarism. It’s truly remarkable!

Key Features

Paraphraser app boasts a suite of unique and useful features, as outlined below:

  • Plagiarism Checking: This professional and fast feature checks the uniqueness of your text, providing percentages of possible plagiarism.
  • Grammar Checker: This feature ensures your text is grammatically correct, free of errors, and polished to perfection.
  • Save and Share: You can save the resultant text locally, as a doc or txt file, or directly share it as text.
  • Unlimited Access: Paraphraser is fully free and does not impose any limits on word counts or usage frequency.
  • Text Expansion and Summarization: You can increase the length of your text without changing the meaning or condense long texts into short, concise summaries.
  • Multi-Language Support: The app supports six different languages, including English.

Pros and Cons


  • The app paraphrases, checks for plagiarism, checks grammar, and expands or summarizes text.
  • There are no restrictions on word count or usage frequency.
  • It supports six different languages.
  • You can save and share the results in various formats.


  • It has limited language support compared to some competitors.
  • The rephrasing quality might vary based on the complexity of the original text.

3. Writecream – AI Content Writer

Writecream - AI Content Writer

Writecream has quickly become a go-to Andoird app for all niches of writers. It provides writing services by leveraging AI to generate unique and plagiarism-free content in just minutes. This not only saves time but also helps aspiring authors hone their craft without the hassle.

Key Features

The main features of Writecream include:

  • Automated Writing: AI is capable of creating stunningly impressive introductions, conclusions, and outlines for articles or books. It can even generate entire sections and subsections with automated written content – making it a real time saver!
  • Expanding Content: The app can elevate your written content, providing it with added complexity and nuance.
  • Content Ideas: It provides automated content ideas that will get those creative juices flowing.
  • Adaptable AI Features: You can customize Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to fit your exact needs. This makes the application incredibly flexible and adaptable.
  • Tutorials: This app is a must-have for aspiring authors! Its comprehensive tutorials are designed to guide you through the creative writing process, step by easy step.
  • Language Support: Writecream’s amazing versatility offers international users the incredible ability to create content in more than seventy-five languages!

Pros and Cons


  • It provides content generation in a wide range of writing styles and formats.
  • There are additional tools for social media, voice-overs, emails, and ad copies.
  • The app supports over 75 languages.
  • It is available on all devices through online access.
  • The tool has excellent customer support through chat and email.


  • As with any AI-based tool, the generated content may require human editing for nuances of language and context.
  • Limited offline functionality due to its online nature.
  • The quality of translations for some languages might be less refined than for others.


All three apps offer something special. For example, the Paraphrasing tool by ASK SEO comes with an array of SEO-optimized features plus multiple writing modes.

Paraphrase provides comprehensive grammar and plagiarism-checking capabilities.

On the other hand, Writecream brings groundbreaking content generation thanks to its AI technology.

Depending on the needs, students, professional writers, or bloggers may find one app more suitable than another. In essence, the choice of the app selection depends on the specific requirements of the user.

These apps are a testament to the extraordinary potential that AI holds in our lives. The future of writing lies in using these AI-powered tools.


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