Check Out the List of Most Downloaded Gaming Apps in 2024

Most Downloaded Gaming Apps

Gaming applications from the past few years have changed the concept of mobile gaming industry trends; these apps not only attract a huge number of users but also generate huge revenues. Various mobile gaming apps were popular in 2015 and are still the most well-liked in terms of usage and ratings.

The social gaming trend has completely changed with this phenomenon and more and more investors are exploring the features of the most downloaded apps on Play Store to create a unique and affordable gaming mobile application. 

As the number of gaming apps is increasing in the store it is becoming difficult for users to differentiate between the apps in the App Store. But, don’t panic as here we have crafted a complete list of the most downloaded gaming apps in 2024. Most of the gaming apps are free to use, and some of them are paid but you have to pay only a few bucks to enjoy the complete features of the app.

The best part of these mobile games is that you can play them anytime and anywhere these days. Whether you are at home or traveling in a metro or taxi, your mobile phone device is always with you along with a good internet connection. Thus gaming has become a new leisure time activity for many people.

Now without any further discussion, let’s start discussing the apps that will keep you busy at home during this COVID-19 period.

1. Pokemon GO

With more than 1 billion downloads from the users on the app store, PokemonGo is the Best Application in the Android Store app that you can download. Since its inception in the market in 2016, the app gained huge recognition in the market. In this app, you have to complete various challenges and battles and restock items to use them later. The app offers an AR camera that enables the feature to give users an immense experience while playing the game.


  • Free-to-play and Pokemon GO app offers in-game purchases
  • Compatible with all types of Android devices
  • AR camera mode
  • Frequent updates with new features 

2. Minecraft

If you love creating games that offer you limitless resources then this app is the Trending Android App. Minecraft pocket edition is particularly designed for mobile app lovers. It is a mobile version of the well-known PC game Minecraft.

The app is available for both the leading platforms i.e. iOS and Android platforms. The survival stage in the game is the most challenging one and this is the stage when actual fun begins as you will start losing your stored resources.


  • Available for both Android and iOS 
  • You can play with up to 10 contacts cross-platform
  • Free 30-day trial in-app

3. Lost in Harmony

If you are a music lover then the soundtrack of this app you lost in Harmony. The rhythmic sounds in the app connect you easily with it. It is one of the unique apps developed by a famous game developer Yoan Fanise. The game is a beautiful story of two friends with the same aim to discover new maps.


  • Offers astonishing cinematic effects
  • Plays various music in the background
  • You can play with your friends
  • 10,000+ level

4. Flipping Legend

Do you love to play with powerful heroes? If yes, then it is time to unlock their power and secrets. Yes, the Flipping Legend app offers you some supreme experiences. Well, the actual features of the app are honestly breathtaking. It is among one of the most downloaded apps in 2024.


  • Offers unique and powerful features to unlock the powers of the hero’s
  • Discover Mysterious chests
  • Easy to turn up the soundtrack
  • Unlock new levels by finding secrets

5. Guns of Boom

It is a competitive multiplayer game with 3-D graphics that boosts the interest of the player. You can start a battle against various competitive eSports players. To win the game, the players need to shoot nonstop on the opponent. With each stage, you will receive huge rewards for completing each assignment in this challenging game.


  • 3D graphics 
  • Easy and intuitive controls
  • Standard updates and events
  • Complete variety of weapons and maps

6. Guns Royale

The main motive behind this multiplayer game is to gain new guns to compete with your opponents. Guns Royale is an action game in which the player has to follow a set of rules for their survival in the game. In addition to this, you also need to hide the guns from your opponents to create successful winning strategies.


  • Fun pixel graphics 
  • Living room table with AR mode
  • Intense PVP gameplay
  • AR mode-enabled features
  • Fun pixel graphics

7. Traffic Tour

If you love car racing then this endless arcade racing game is one of the most downloaded games in 2024. The free action game app is designed with high graphic quality to boost the experience of users. In this app, the player will find different five environments.

The players have to accept this challenge deal with the traffic and keep discovering a sequence of environments and missions given to them. Every time the player receives a reward for passing the traffic environment stage. The main motive behind rewards in this arcade game is to keep the player’s interest alive in the game.


  • Real-time racing experience and realistic graphics
  • 40 different cars  
  • Challenge your friends
  • 5 gameplay modes
  • Car upgrade features 


In a nutshell, there are millions of mobile applications in the app store and if you’re looking for some best gaming apps to play in your leisure hours then, you have landed in the right place with us.

To make your search process easy and hassle-free, we have created this list of the most downloaded gaming apps. All these applications are easy to use and certainly make your gaming experience a memorable one.

In case you feel we are missing any important app then do share your views in the comment section.


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