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FlexClip – A Professional Online Video Making Program

Here in this article, we will introduce and review a web browser-based video making program called “FlexClip”.

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is an online tool for providing video making and editing services.
It is well known and distinguished as it focuses on providing this service through many options that help you, in the end, to get a professional video even if you do not have any previous experience.

All you need to do is start making a video with the images and clips that you have or use the templates provided by the site.

How to Make a Video with FlexClip?

After entering the official website of the service from FlexClip, start creating a free account by clicking on “Sign Up Free” and then follow the steps to create an account.

Registration is available by email using social networking sites such as Facebook. You can also use your Google account to register.

In the registration stages, FlexClip will suggest some questions about the goal of making the video and the nature of the work, so that it will facilitate the task by suggesting a set of pre-made templates that fit the goal, very simple steps and you will finish the installation process.

Once you have created the account, you will have a very simple user interface that provides the ability to start making a video either from scratch by clicking on the Start from Scratch option or using any of the professionally prepared pre-made videos by clicking on Create by Templates.

If you have chosen to use the pre-made templates here, you can customize the videos section so that you get a video that fits your purpose, such as an educational video in the education section or a birthday video. Here the sections make it easy to get to the right templates.

Once you have selected the appropriate video, select on the preview for viewing or customize for customization and start modifying the current video, so that the entire studio opens with you with all the tools available online that provide the ability to create what you need.

Start from Scratch

For a start, I suggest you to try making a video to discover all the features available to you before starting to make your video, spend some time with this interface, discover what is available in the side menu of great features, starting with importing all the content that you want to add to the video from your device.

Then add texts and speech over the video, with ready-made forms for texts and the possibility of customization, and then there are a lot of elements that can be added to the video such as icons and watermarks, you can also customize the sound in the background by adding your own audio clips.

On top of the video that you are editing, there are a set of simple tools that make it easy for you to control the current video, such as stepping back a step, adding filters, and controlling the speed of the video, whether by making the video fast or slow.

Create by Templates

The new version of FlexClip adds a timeline option, a place to drag and drop pictures and videos to your project. You can move any part before or after another part. Try moving the elements and arranging them by drag and drop.

Pricing Plans of FlexClip

There are many plans available and you are completely free to choose what suits you, and as for payment methods, you can pay via Visa or a Paypal account. The site is completely safe.

Up to 40% off Offer

If you are interested in getting all the features provided by the application, you can now take advantage of the available discount, which will save you up to 40%.

Discount Offer

For more about the discount, you can visit the following offers here:

You can also contact us and request discount codes, and we will help you in that by communicating with the company providing the service, these features are for our followers.

In the end, I hope that you will benefit from this online tool to start building and making your own video or use it in the field of business, do not hesitate to contact us and follow the site’s accounts on the social media of Facebook and Twitter. 


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