How to Create a Mobile Travel App?

Create a Mobile Travel App

With the evolution of technology, traveling has become easier than ever before. The traveling industry is thriving, and it is the correct time for business owners to stamp their authority. Going mobile is something that travelers need if you have a business based on travel and tourism. 

However, some pertaining questions would come to your mind. Is there already immense competition in the traveling industry? How would you retain your clientele? The answer to these questions is by making an app for travel with impressive features. 

Travel app development is a prospering niche for investments despite the increased competition. 

According to Statista, the travel and tourism industry is predicted to grow with an annual growth rate of 4.0% from 2020 to 2023, resulting in a market volume of $8M by 2023.

In this blog, I have discussed points related to travel apps and their types, must-have features to consider for travel mobile app development, and how to create a travel app. 

Let’s dive in.  

Popular Travel App Types

  1. Flight Booking Apps: Flight booking apps help travelers to compare flight prices and book tickets.
  2. Transport Apps: The transport apps assist travelers in obtaining access to local transport information and paths. These apps generally have a geolocation feature to determine user location and present the nearest transport options.
  3. Travel Guides Apps: Users can access local attractions, nearby events, and sights with a travel app development guide.
  4. Accommodation Booking Apps: An accommodation booking app enables travelers to view, book, and pay for hotel rooms. Application users can write a review of the place they have visited and rate it. Moreover, the most creative renting applications contain a check-in feature and electronic keys.

Must-Have Features to Include in Travel App

1. Social Media Login

The registration process on an app should be simple. Users should not have to spend extra time registering themselves on app development for travel. Social login will enable users to log in through Facebook or Gmail and make the procedure less time-consuming.

Social login also assists businesses in acquiring more information about their customers and comprehending their behavior to provide better results. 

2. Search Filter

The search filter is a crucial feature to incorporate in a mobile travel app as it helps users find places according to their preferred budget, dates, and other choices such as wifi, parking, spa, etc. 

Travel mobile app development company will ensure that the app displays the popular sightseeing places, adventure destinations, city attractions, or happening events across their primary location.

Furthermore, one aspect that can make your travel app stand out is suggesting restaurants that deliver local cuisines, shopping areas, cafes, photo spots, shopping areas, etc.

3. Book Tickets and Other Services

One can effortlessly aggregate flights and train costs and provide the users with the travel fare they have to pay. You can also send users alerts when price changes. 

  • Travel application development services should provide an interactive UI where users can select the dates according to their preferences and enable them to filter hotels according to their budget. 
  • Include maps so that travelers get an idea of how close the hotel is to the airport, nearest bus station, or other landmarks. 
  • The mobile travel app should have a cab booking feature without leaving the app.

4. Currency Converter 

A currency converter is a must-have feature when creating a mobile travel app. When traveling to a foreign, users want to know the currency exchange rates. We can not let them leave your application, so an inbuilt currency converter is essential.

5. Weather Forecasts and in-app Language Translators

Travel app developers are capable of incorporating real-time weather forecasts into the app. The application can alert travelers about adverse weather when building their travel itineraries. 

While traveling to a different country language barrier could cause a problem. Whether it is communicating with the locals or purchasing something from a market, an in-app translator will help travel app users to be more manageable.

6. Payment Gateways

A reliable and secured payment gateway is a must-have feature if you intend to provide in-app transactions in your travel app. 

  • It should be compatible with your website and both Android and iOS apps.
  • The app should contain all the major payment options such as pay with a credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.
  • It should work seamlessly without any glitches.

The travel app must be secure so users may not worry about their data, particularly concerning their bank account details. 

7. Reviews and Recommendations

Online reviews play a vital role in influencing consumers’ views. So, ensure that your app has reviews and recommendations for hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, spas, etc., to share their experiences.

If you are not sure which features to add to your travel app and what would be the cost, you can read a comprehensive travel app development guide for a better understanding. 

How to Create a Mobile Travel App

Step 1. Select Your App Type

First, you need to choose the travel app type among flight booking, transport, accommodation booking, and travel guides applications.

Step 2. Conduct Market Research

Conduct a detailed market analysis of other travel apps in your niche, their services, benefits, and drawbacks. You will have a slight idea of which features to include in tourism app development by doing this. 

Step 3. Select Travel Application MVP Characteristics

Incorporate the following features for your travel apps MVP like user account, booking, in-app payment, social sharing, location-based search, and filters.

Step 4. Search For Travel App Developers

You should hire the best travel app development company that has demonstrated its expertise with previous projects.

Step 5. Enter The Discovery Phase

Describe the idea of your travel app relying on the recent trends, define the project scope and milestones, and discover the best travel app development services.

Step 6. Create The Travel App

Begin the app development process with a development team that will build the design and creates your project’s code. 

Wrapping Up

With mobile travel apps, travelers can arrange and book their trips efficiently. Therefore, the need for traveling apps is increasing. Your mobile travel app must have an intuitive and user-friendly UI that saves users time and assist them in planning the whole trip within a few clicks. 

If you like to create a traveling app, you can select the type. Understand your users’ requirements before taking the help of travel app development solutions to build an engaging app.  

To conclude, travel apps are becoming crucial for most tourists and travelers. If you want to reach a more target audience and remain relevant to technologies taking the assistance of a travel app development company is the right choice.


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