How to Install Hidden Android Spyware

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Once you install the spy app on your kid’s device or company-owned smartphone devices, you can operate and monitor the device usage without physical possession.

The Android spyware app comes with a web portal through which the end-user of the app can track and control certain functionalities of the monitored android phone.

This article discusses how much fruitful android spyware app is and how can a phone be installed with the hidden android tracking app.

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Hidden Android Spyware App

The android spy app lets you track activities performed on the cell phone of the target without letting him know. The high-tech android spy application like TheOneSpy enables the user to monitor online and offline activities of an individual or group in stealth mode.

The powerful android spyware app does not produce any notification or sound on the targeted phone that can alert the target about spying app. Moreover, the app icon is also customizable which means the user can hide or show the icon on the targeted phone. In short, you can monitor cell phone activities of a person remaining unseen.

It further empowers the user to use it for digital parenting, employee monitoring and as well as to build trust in a relationship. Parents can remotely get to know what kids and teens are doing on their mobile phone device, internet activities, social messaging apps, websites, and instant messengers.

However, for a business point of view, user can get to what employees are doing on company’s provided cell phone device with complete time stamp and in real-time.

How to Install Android Spyware App

To track the cell phone activities of a person, you need to get his mobile phone installed with android spyware app. There is a very simple and user-friendly way to install the spy app on the target phone. We have explained here the installation process of TheOneSpy to help the user understand how mostly spyware apps can be installed.

Things to Make Sure Before Spy App Installation

  • Whatever android spy app you subscribe to, first make sure that it is compatible with your targeted smartphones. For instance, if you subscribe TheOneSpy android monitoring app, your target phone must be running Android version 3 or above.
  • Secondly, before starting the installation process connect your device to the charger to ensure that it does not lose battery during the installation process. Also, your internet connection must be stable throughout the installation procedure.
  • Some advanced spy apps want you to root the targeted cell phone to install and activate the spyware app successfully. Though, TheOneSpy offers non-rooted features but to take advantage of powerful spying features of the android tracker you need to root the targeted phone.

Subscribe Spy App

Once you choose a suitable spy app for cell phone monitoring, subscribe it. You can subscribe the tracker app for a particular time period which varies from app to app.

Download Spy App

You need to download the spy app on the targeted phone. If you want to monitor your kid’s phone, you should download the app on his phone.

Run Downloaded App Apk.

Once the download completes, go to Downloads in application manager to run spy app apk. The app will notify you about the programs it accesses. Grant access to continue the installation process.

Activate Spy App

Provide activation key to activate the android spy app. If your android mobile phone is rooted, the app will ask for permission to access all features and storage of the targeted phone. Grant access to continue the process.

Hide App Icon

The advanced spy app lets you show or hide the app icon on the targeted phone. If you do not want the target to find the spy app on his phone you can hide the spy app icon during the installation process.

Moreover, you should remove all clues of downloading and installing the spy app on the target phone. Go to downloads to delete the downloaded spy app apk file. Also, remove the download link by going to the internet browser.

The Bottom Line

The cell phone spy app of TheOneSpy offers hundreds of features enabling users to remotely monitor and control android devices of children and employees.

The user-friendly installation process makes it convenient for non-tech savvy parents to get their kids’ smartphones installed with the spy app without hassle.

If any error occurs during installation, check your internet connection, and make sure that you have provided an accurate activation key. You can also seek help from the customer support team of the spy software.


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