How Uber Clone Will Digitize Your Business in 2021?

Uber Clone

We all are aware of Uber’s phenomenal success, and how it transformed taxi booking by bringing it online.

Today, the taxi booking app is one of the most lucrative and enticing business decisions in the market.

The fact is after witnessing Uber’s success, many businesses have started investing in the Uber clone app development in order to build their online business. Enterprises and startups are more interested in building online businesses by following the Uber business model.

Though the competition for entering the online taxi industry is tough, there are a lot of corners for the new venturers. Just taking care of a few important aspects and deeply understanding the Uber business model will let you achieve fruitful results for your startup or digitization of business.

So, are you looking forward to building an app like Uber? In this article, we will guide you through the complete process of uber clone app development right from business analysis to benefits and monetization.

Let’s proceed to deep dive in Uber clone development! But before that, there might be a question in your mind that whether an Uber clone is a good choice for the business or not? Let us first give you an answer for the same.

How Uber Clone Script is Beneficial for Your Business? 

There are oodles of benefits when you build an app like Uber with the help of clone apps. Cost and time saving are the key reasons why most businesses and startups opt for clone development rather than building an app from scratch.

You can seamlessly customize the Uber clone script as per your requirements. Be it about updating features, UI/UX designs, APIs, or anything else, Uber clone is scrabbled for every type of customization. Besides all, the ready made uber clone source code will eliminate the process of market research and business planning.

As the clone app is developed after taking inspiration from already successful apps, users are already friendly with such app layouts. Hence, there is a high chance that your clone app will soon get recognized by the customers.

To put it short, rule the taxi world startups by developing an app like Uber with clone script.

How Does Uber Clone App Work?

How Does Uber Clone App Work

Navigating through a map before going to the destination is essential. In the similar way, knowing the complete working process of an Uber clone is necessary to check out whether it suits your business or not.

The working of Uber clone includes 5 major steps,

Step 1: Request for a ride

Enter the destination, and schedule a ride by choosing the type of service.

Step 2: Driver is assigned

The nearby driver will be assigned, and if he/she rejects the ride, the request is transferred to another driver.

Step 3: Take the ride

Once the driver arrives, complete your ride and reach the destination.

Step 4: Payment

You have an option to either pay online or offline after the completion of the ride.

Step 5: Reviews &  ratings

Rate and give your valuable feedback on your journey to the destination.

And that’s how an app like Uber works. But, the main point to take note here is the key features to include in your Uber like app development. Let’s have a look at it.

Features of Uber like App

To make your Uber clone app more valuable and convenient for the users, including some of the eye-catching features is essential. Here is a list of various key features that you must include in the Admin, passenger, and driver panel.

Passenger App

Login/Signup: A user can either login through social media or mobile number.

Ride Booking: Users can book a taxi by entering the pickup and dropoff address.

Estimate Fare: Give your users the estimated cost of the ride in advance.

In-App Chat: Users can chat with the drivers in case of any queries.

Ride Tracking: Track the driver’s live location, and get the estimated time of arrival.

Ride History: Get the details of each ride.

Ratings & Feedbacks: Users can seamlessly rate and give their reviews after the ride completion.

Driver App

Registration: Drivers can register by filling up the necessary details.

Trip Alert: Get notifications whenever a passenger requests for a ride.

Accept/Reject Ride: Drivers have an option to either accept or reject a ride based on their convenience.

Navigation/Route Optimization: Using google maps, provide drivers with the best possible path.

Calling Passenger: In case of any queries, call the passenger.

Admin Panel

  • Booking Management
  • Customer Support & Help
  • Manage Driver Profiles
  • Payment Analysis
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Vehicle Detail Management
  • Location & Fare Management

These are a few essential features that you must include in your clone app development. Now comes the crucial part of every business that is the -the monetization model.

Uber Monetization Model

App monetization is a necessary aspect to consider. There are so many monetization strategies and models available in the market. A few popular models are mentioned below.

Referral Program:

For user acquisition, apps like Uber use a referral program strategy. You might have thought that a referral program will cost you more, but the situation is quite the opposite. It is not only inexpensive but also leads you to have a higher ROI. In the beginning, it may seem that the referral program is expensive as you have to give the referral to old as well as new users. But later, it will result in a good ROI.

Data Monetization

If your app is going to have a large audience base, then a data monetization model must be applied to it. Whenever a user will interact with your app some data is generated, and you can anonymize and quantify these data.

In short, it will provide valuable insights for knowing the customer behaviour. One of the best reasons to use this model; it will not hinder the user experience in any way. In fact, it will enhance the user experience, and let you reach the more customers.         

But to entertain a referral program, you require to brainstorm a few methods of monetization to find out the best fitted one.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Uber?

The cost of app development depends on so many factors, thus it is not easy to get an exact cost. Some of the major factors that will let you have an average cost of your app like Uber development are,

  • Number of app development platforms
  • Region of app development company
  • Technology Stack
  • Number of API integrations
  • Complexity of the app features
  • UX/UI designs

Besides these, there are a lot of small factors which will add to the cost of your Uber like app development. On an average, the cost of an Uber clone app will range from $8000 ro $50,000 based on your requirements.

The Parting Thoughts

After driving through every part of Uber clone app development, we hope you will be clear with your requirements. With Uber clone, you can start your online taxi business in a short span of time.

The only thing you need to take care here is choosing the right clone app development company, in order to make your clone app successful.

Wishing you app luck for your clone app development!


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