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Mobile games have become very popular in recent times. The reason for this is the improvement in the user interface, game speed, graphics, and other technological advancements.

There are different types of mobile games available, some for fun, and others can improve your mental capacity.

You may also try out bingo game sites like where you can play for free and have the chance to win real money. Below are other addictive mobile games for you to try.

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Angry Birds 2

If you are among those who enjoyed the Angry Birds game app, you surely love the Angry Bird 2. Rovio, the maker of Angry Bird catches the attention of gamers with its unusual fun graphics, the skills needed to pass through the cool levels of the game Angry Birds2 allow you to team up with other players worldwide and take down those pigs with your best Angry Birds character using a slingshot.

Angry Birds 2 is one of the most popular games worldwide with hundreds of millions of players and in 2018, the app received the Android Excellence Game Award. Once you start playing you can’t put it down gain. It presents you with interesting obstacles that challenge you to do more to earn points.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2

The success of Plants vs Zombies is phenomenal in that it won more than 30 Games of the Year awards. The game offers in-app purchases and has 50 levels of fun. With the success of the game, Plants vs Zombie 2 is born. The second version of the hit spooky game offers hundreds of plants and zombies for you to plant and protect your brain eaten by the zombies.

One more thing that players with getting attached to the game longer is the ability to compete with other players in the arena. The eleven different amazing worlds add up to the excitement of the game including Ancient Egypt and the challenging 300 levels will offer loads of fun.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run is a big hit to gamers as it launches. Because the cursed idol was stolen from the temple, the player will have to run for his life to escape the monkey ready to crush him any moment he stops running.

As the player, you have to race with the monkey at ancient paths, walls, and cliffs while avoiding the obstacles you encounter along the way. The game is addictive as you unlock new and amazing characters while collecting coins as you run.

With Temple Run 2, the new features add up to the fun players will surely enjoy. It has more amazing graphics, new environments, obstacles are new too, there will be more power-ups, added achievements, each character now has special powers, and the most exciting is the money got even bigger.

New York Times Crosswords

Do you remember the favorite part in the newspaper back in the day? It was the crossword puzzle. Other than being educational, the game is fun to play. Now that we are living in the digital world, crossword puzzles come available to play on our mobile devices to the New York Times Crosswords is the game app.

The app is available for download free of charge and lets you access the paper’s puzzle daily for seven days. After that, you will be required to subscribe to enjoy unlimited access.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

The candy crush has undoubtedly hit the mobile gaming world by storm, and now the new installment to the game franchise is the Candy Crush Friends Saga available on both Android and iOS. This new installment of the Candy Crush franchise has amazingly improved graphics in 3D and new game modes.

There are also lots of friends with different abilities to help you crush those candies. With the hundreds of levels available, you will play the Candy Crush Friends Saga for hours.


Minecraft is a popular computer game and is now widely available on Android and iOS. Enjoy the different pixilated worlds and build different structures from your simple home to your grandest castle.

Players of Minecraft can play in creative mode or survival mode and craft weapons and armor to defend themselves from mobs. They can also play with friends or play alone.


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