Secret Vault Apps – Is Your Child Hiding Something in a Secret Folder?

Secret Vault Apps

Why would a parent worry about a classic calculator app or an innocuous-looking game? After all, it is just a simple app. But wait, everything you need to know about the vault apps is here.

With the evolution of the IT industry, some ghost apps are taking sinister camouflage of innocent-looking apps. But we are here to unmask them and show you the complete picture.

From Audio Manager, calculator to puzzle game, you name it! A secret app can be hiding away in your kid’s mobile in plain sight. It is a perfect hiding spot for your kid to stow away the pictures, videos, and other material they want to hide from you. Hiding things from parents and guardians is normal for a child, and this norm has existed since the beginning.

Initially, your child may be hiding some innocent material out of fun. Still, it may soon turn into a hub of pornography, sexting, violent materials, and other arrays of disturbing stuff.

So being a parent, you must learn about such apps and swoop your child’s mobile for any suspicious activity.

There is Spyware for Android available online, which can disclose anything your child is hiding. 

What is a Vault App

Vault apps also dwell by the name of ghost apps. They are used to store and hide private messages, videos, photos, documents, and much more. All the information is stashed away in a secret folder disguised as a simple game or app. The most common hiding layout is the calculator or puzzle.

Various vault apps are available on the app stores without a hitch. Such vast availability is an opportunity for adolescents to store their “digital gems” under lock and key on their mobiles. They usually are password protected and sometimes require fingerprint scanning to open them.

Spot Vault App

As a parent, it is your right to examine an app before installing it on your kid’s device. Top reliable Android spy apps allow you to block unwanted apps and their installations. So it is better to install a tracking app on your child’s device. However, if you haven’t installed such parental apps, you will have to go through the kid’s mobile manually. Look out for certain things in the mobile of your kid;

  1. Look for duplicate apps. They are one of the signs you should look at first. 
  2. Frequently check for newly installed applications in the settings or from the store.
  3. Other apps can be hiding inside Vault apps, but these applications are not smart enough. So a trail can be left behind, and you can quickly go after them.

Caught Them in the Act

It is unnecessary to explain how threatening it can be for your child to possess vault apps. If you catch your child possessing a vault app on their mobile, there are some tips to put out the fire before escalation.

1. Inappropriate Content

Whatever you have found in your child’s mobile, like video with explicit content, a text message containing foul language, or any app you disapproved of.  Show it to them.

2. Questioning

Politely ask your child why they have such inappropriate content on their mobile. Ask them to open that vault app and show you what is inside. If they insist on not opening them, then take away the device for some time till they agree to your terms.

3. Explanation

Our adolescents often need the reasoning too. They want to know why it is inappropriate to keep vault apps. Parents cannot simply nudge them away. Your children may want to download the app just out of curiosity, but you are the guiding star in their life, so guide them accordingly. Tech them that;

  • Things shared online once will stay there forever.
  • Phones are a liability, and they will be held accountable for their wrong indulgence.
  • Sharing embarrassing moments online can haunt them for life.
  • Use a good family spy app for Android to check on any new application installation.

Giving them reasons helps them better understand the problems associated with them. Let them ask questions and answer them accordingly.

4. Comprehending

After thoroughly explaining the reasons for check and balance and not allowing vault apps, ensure that your child has fully grasped the idea. Question them if they are content with the logic and understand what you told them.

5. Penalizing

Once they understood the seriousness of the matter, ask them to decide their punishment if they were again found guilty. Taking away digital devices or blocking certain apps through Spyware for Android for a certain period can be suitable forms of punishment.

6. Good Decorum

Before ending a conversation, establish a good environment by informing them how much you love them. Tell your child that you like their specific work or thing online. With the help of top Android spy apps, you can take out their activity reports and show them. This act will encourage your kids to be more open to you, and they will feel better.

Other Reasons

There can be a different reason which led them to install a vault app. Ask your kids about the issue and try to resolve the problem. For instance, a child may be open to you but want to keep their nosy friends out of their business.


Times are changing, and our kids are growing. New ways are approachable by children to hide their “stuff.” Likewise, monitoring kids has also become easy through Spyware for Android. 

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