Things You Must Know Before Developing An On-Demand Doctor App

Creating an Application

The rapidly changing technology has deepened its roots across every sector of economy.  Every industry is deploying the technological ways to expand their business and the things delivered and offered by mobile apps further enhances the growth of technology.

Every industry is observing significant changes and the medical or healthcare industry is not an exception to it.

The foremost industry to have innovations is On-demand doctor app development. When the whole world is focusing on digitalization.

The sudden pandemic forced every individual to use technology more frequently and the delivery of goods and services were enjoyed at their convenience and right on the doorsteps.

Same is expected in the medical and healthcare industry where medicines and healthcare services are provided at the comfort of their homes whether it is consultation or a treatment.

The wide range of products and services available in the market makes it easier to get teleconsultations. The personalized offerings that appear with the best features in the market.

Such customization of services is the ultimate solution to all the problems when it comes to consultation services provided at the doorsteps.

Basic App Solutions Provided by Such On-Demand Apps for Doctors are as Follows:

  1. Virtual Visit: Patients can seek their respective doctors and physicians through Virtual Reality services which get authorized through In-app cameras built for such functions on the same app.
  2. Electronic Health Records: Doctors as well as their patients can reserve important medical records in a more secure manner and with digitalization which further makes the methods of consultation more efficient and convenient.
  3. Convenient Booking Service; When options and choices get provided along with accurate timings. Patients just need to book their time slot for paying an online visit to the doctor according to their time and before a few minutes, they need to provide a confirmation to the appointment whether they are available to be treated by the doctor or not. Patients now no longer have to wait for doctors now the same waiting time can be observed on the other side, As doctors wait for the patients to arrive.
  4. Telemedicine: Doctors and patients interact in a remote manner and this digital interaction helps the doctors to provide patients digital prescriptions in a safe and secure manner.
  5. Effective Matching: With proper utilization of such On-demand doctors apps. The doctors can get searched according to the unique health requirements of the patients. Such an easy match where doctors can interact with patients helps in delivering better opinions and views and the doctors can be chosen according to the wide range of options made available to the patients.

The Workflow of the Doctors App

The steps which gets followed in the app are as follows:

  1. Choosing the Type of Services: Patients need to make their choices from the list of available options they are provided with such as Teleconsultation, Fixing appointments with the doctors, and asking them to make a personal visit to the patient’s place.
  2. Select Your Specialist: Patients need to make their preference of the doctors that they want to seek and have an appointment with. Whether the doctor meets all the expectations and requirements gets ensured by the patients. This wider range of choices makes the patients more engaged along with that it increases the competition between the doctors and physicians.
  3. Schedule the Appointments: The patients can schedule appointments for them and on behalf of their family members and friends.
  4. Add Dependents: The customers while making their profile on the apps can add dependents and family members while filling out the personal and the medical details.
  5. Filtering Options: By delivering a wide range of options along with all the filters where locations, types of services that are needed by the users, and all the assistance rendered by the apps can further help the patients to choose from the best options available.
  6. Key Notes: It delivers all the crucial information regarding the illness and allergies that the patient possesses.
  7. Information About the Symptoms: The patient must provide all the necessary details about the symptoms and if they can add relevant images that will provide doctors with deeper insights while treating a patient.
  8. Doctor’s List: The profiles of doctors in detail are rendered such as ratings, reviews, certificates, and degrees procured by the doctors in its overall career along with the specialization and fees.
  9. Book Consultation: The information about the available timings of doctors and physicians so that the patients can approach and book a particular time slot which is the most convenient way to approach a doctor based on the patient’s comfort.
  10.  Digital Prescription: The patient gets the digital prescription after the conversations and consultation with doctors.
  11.  Bookmark Doctor: Users are provided with a range of options for seeking a specialized doctor that has been already discussed but this feature of the app will allow patients to save the doctor’s profile on their personal profile for a hassle-free approach while making an appointment.
  12.  Messaging Options: All the healthcare apps have a single motive and they basically function to provide the best options in the healthcare sectors. Users are provided with all the communication features along with all the options to make the payment for the services they seek while using the apps.
  13.  Mode of Payments: The users are provided with a variety of payment options such as cash, insurances, and even the digital wallets get provided which further links with the bank account.
  14.  Video call with doctors: The video call consultation can be sought by the patients as it is available in the app itself. Telemedicine consultation gets recorded and stored as it is mandatory to record the things which occur remotely to prevent the complication which might arise in the future. Though the recordings and data with doctors are encrypted to ensure the users that their data is safe and secured within the app and with the doctors.
  15.  Live track your doctor: The patients can monitor their specific doctors while they complete the steps needed to make an appointment. This complete package of information on the single app makes it more user-friendly for both doctors and patients.
  16. Consultation History: Verifying all the necessary information about the past ailments along with the current consequences and health problems and openly discussing all the problems with the doctors helps in making the consultation more efficient and interesting.
  17.  Rating and Receipts: The patient also procures the receipt of his overall payments which were made to consult the doctors and rating the experience which they get while using the app makes the business owners aware of the pros and cons of his own app. Moreover, it helps app developers and app owners to fix up the technical problems.

Final Words

Nowadays, technological advancements are forcing every industry to use and deploy specific technology that matches their product and services.

Medicines and health are given the topmost priority when it comes to comparing all the sectors of the economy.

Investments in this telehealth and On-demand doctor’s app is the need of an hour when a patient can’t make any personal visits to the doctors and when they have an online platform for consulting a doctor.

Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading On-demand app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.


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