Ways to Use WhatsApp for Better Productivity

WhatsApp for Better Productivity

Enterprise mobility is a major discussion in all businesses across the industry spectrum today. From smartphones to text messaging and chat-based collaboration apps, the surge of mobile technology in the modern workplace has indeed changed the way companies operate, particularly in the aspect of communication and information access.

At the forefront of enterprise mobility platforms widely used in the modern workplace are chat apps, especially WhatsApp. Founded in 2009, this free messenger app is unlike other chat apps when it was launched because it enables its users to send messages, make voice calls, and send files via an encrypted channel, which enhances security and eliminates the risk of snooping which is very rampant in some extremely competitive business sector.

However, WhatsApp’s biggest strength also presents a myriad of risks to companies, especially those that operate in regulated sectors such as financial and government, which are mandated to capture and record business conversations.

Fortunately, there are now mobility solutions available that addresses this issue and enables businesses to use WhatsApp without breaching recordkeeping rules and regulations. If you and your employees have been using WhatsApp at work, you might be missing the opportunity to maximize the app to improve your overall operational efficiency.

To give you more insights, here is an infographic from TeleMessage, which discusses the strategies to use WhatsApp for better productivity, all without compromising compliance with relevant archiving requirements.

Ways to Use WhatsApp for Better Productivity


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