Why Need to Sync Outlook Contacts to Google

Ideas to Increase Outlook-productivity

Every professional is a user of Microsoft Outlook and every people has a different opinion about MS Outlook. Some people have good or bad experiences.

Most people store their contact in Google contacts and as well in MS Outlook. If any people want to sync their contacts in one place.

They need to sync their Google contacts with Outlook. Gmail’s increase the reach in the market day by day, it’s more and more common to have Gmail users accessing their accounts via third-party applications

You can use Google Workspace for Sync Outlook contacts to Google. You can access the contacts in one place.

Now, the question is arises that how to sync Outlook contacts to Google. Before going on a solution, we want to discuss the reason for the sync contacts.

Main Benefits for Syncing Outlook Contacts to Google.

We are going to mention some essential advantages for syncing Outlook. Without reason everything is impossible. These are the very crucial points to know.

  • If you want to view the same personal contacts in Outlook then you can import and sync all your personal contact information between Outlook and Google workspace.
  • You can access your global contacts that all data fields your administrator has made available in your domain’s Global Address List.
  • You are able to add contact information like a custom email address.

Features of Sync Outlook Contacts to Google

You can get some essential points that are affected the process.

  • You can Re-create your personal distribution list like google groups. GWSMO process can’t synch your distribution lists between Outlook and Google Workplace. By using Google Groups, you can re-create each list as a group.
  • In Outlook, you have the option of organizing contacts in separate folders according to your data specifications. In Google, you can see all contacts together in contacts.

You can Avoid During Sync Outlook Contacts

  • A full name in Google contacts might appear as a first or last name in Outlook.
  • If you do update a notes field in Google contacts, your can’t see your updates in Outlook.
  • Subsequent updates in Outlook overwrite changes made in Google contacts.

Note: If you want to switch permanently from Outlook to Google contacts, this restriction doesn’t apply. If you switch temporarily then these restrictions are applied.

Syncs are not Applied to These Conditions

  • The directory information shows that information Google contacts displays as part of the contact would not be synced. If you want to add a contact from a directory to your personal contacts in contacts, then only the email address is added.
  • You can add flag a contact for follow-up in outlook and you can see it in your to-do list. Contacts flags do not sync and are not available in google contacts.
  • You can not see Outlook categories in Google contacts.
  • You can’t able to see links, bolding, and other rich content in Google contacts.

Final Words

This blog is all about the sync Outlook contacts to Google. You need to be aware of the benefits of Google contacts. Google security is top in the world. All points are very crucial and it may be complex for understanding.

If you want to sync your contact Outlook to Google then these all points are very essential. Also, you need technical expertise to get the best result. But, don’t worry. This is the perfect solution for you. You can also read the more informative content for better results.

It is the easiest and most effective way to Sync Outlook contacts to Google. This article may be very informative for you.


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