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XNSPY Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

In this digital world, most of our lives revolve around our smartphones. No one can deny the benefits of technology, but it does have its downsides as well.

The online world has become a place where you can’t leave your kid unsupervised. You can encounter anything that might scar their growing brains for the rest of their lives.

Monitoring apps have helped parent a lot. With time passing, more people are now using monitoring apps for different purposes. Some people use these apps to monitor their kid’s online activities.

Some of them use monitoring apps to track their employees’ productivity, while some use to keep an eye on their partners.

These apps have made so many lives more comfortable. You can give your child their liberty to go out and keep track of them to ensure their safety. In the same way, you can do your work without worrying about your employee’s productivity.

XNSPY is one of these monitoring apps that offer to monitor your kids, employees, or suspicious spouse. Many of you might already be familiar with this app. If not, you will have a clear mind about XNSPY by the end of this article. 


It is a smartphone monitoring application that lets parents and employers track their kids’ and employees’ activities, respectively. It has the most useful parental monitoring features like social media monitoring and GPS location tracking.

It allows you to monitor both online and offline activities that make it a convenient surveillance application. Its other features (that we will be talking about below) provide the best opportunities to the employers as well. However, it is best known as a parental monitoring app. 

Some questions might bother you about this app, is XNSPY reliable enough? Is it worth the price? Is it compatible with your smartphone? Does it work as a spying app?

Let’s get you your answers!

XNSPY has an exceptional reputation among the monitoring apps in the market. With its advanced features, XNSPY has made its way to one of the top surveillance apps. This app lets you access a significant amount of data from a targeted device without any physical access. Let’s take a look at the features it offers.

1. Offered Features

XNSPY offers quite a range of features for its users. You can track calls, monitoring social media activities, check web history, track GPS locations, control the targeted device remotely, monitor keystrokes, and much more. XNSPY, for a parental monitoring application, doesn’t support content blocking/filtering features. Moreover, all the offered features are not available for every user. The availability of functions varies for android and iOS devices.

2. Compatibly

XNSPY is compatible with both Android and iOS. However, the features may vary for both platforms. A brief description of the XNSPY features with the device versions is below:

XNSPY for Android

XNSPY for Android

It works for all Android devices running on Android 4.x to 10.x.  However, you will need access to the targeted device for installing XNSPY on android. Some offered features may require rooting for android devices.

Features that Work for Android Devices

You can track phone calls, check messages, and monitor internet activities, track GPS locations, monitor keystroke, and much more. You can check and manage social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, and others. You can track location history, get instant alerts by geo-fencing, and get real-time location using XNPSY.  Most of the features are available just for android devices rather than other iOS devices.



Xnspy No-Jailbreak

It is compatible with devices running on IOS 6 and above. It requires the iCloud ID and password detail for installation.

Features that work for no-jailbreak

If you have a no-jailbreak version, you can monitor all the phone logs, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps on the targeted device. XNSPY offers to track GPS location, check location history, monitoring internet activities, view contacts, and a few more features.

3. Installation

To get started, you need an Xnspy subscription. Once you have that, you will then receive your account credentials and other information on your email address. This email also provides a step-to-step guide that helps you install the app on the targeted phone. Once you have installed the software on the device, you can access all the data from the targeted phone using the control panel.

4. Pricing

If we compare XNSPY’s price with other monitoring apps available in the market, it is quite affordable. It offers two different subscriptions. Each one has its own set of features. So, if you are buying one, make sure you go through the available features.

Basic Package

If you want a yearly package (USD 59.99), you will have to pay USD 4.99 every month. For a quarterly subscription (USD 41.99), you will need to pay USD 4.99 each month. And for a monthly subscription, it will cost you USD 29.99.

Premium Package

If you want a yearly package (USD 89.99), you will have to pay USD 7.49 every month. For a quarterly subscription (USD 59.99), you will need to pay USD 19.99 each month. And for a monthly subscription, it will cost you USD 35.99.

5. Pro and Cons


  • It allows you to capture screenshots of the targeted device’s data.
  • XNSPY has 24/7 customer support, which provides you guidance if you experience any problem regarding the app.
  • This app works in full stealth mode, which means that the targeted device will not receive any messages or notification of being monitored.
  • It lets you monitor all exchanged messages and emails.
  • You can delete or uninstall any app without any physical access to the device.
  • It provides a real-time recording of the surroundings of the targeted device. Suppose your child leaves without your knowledge. With XNSPY, you can hear the surroundings of their phone anywhere you want to ensure their safety.
  • It provides a monthly report on mobile usage.


  • XNSPY being a parental monitoring software, doesn’t offer any content blocking feature. Most of the parents want to block particular age-inappropriate websites and content from their child’s phone, which isn’t possible using XNSPY.
  • The basic package doesn’t offer most of the advanced features.

One thing that XNSPY has mentioned in the legal terms and conditions on its website is that people should use XNSPY for legal reasons only. You can only use this app if you have the consent of the device’s user. Otherwise, you will have to handle consequences if the user presses any legal charges on you.

Final thoughts

XSNPY is one efficient app that provides many more features than other similar-looking apps. It is highly beneficial for both employers and parents to monitor their people through their smartphones.


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