10 Technologies that Will Change the Construction Industry in 2024

The construction industry has always been reliant on technology; in fact, it is one of the first sectors that adopted Information Technology (IT) to empower workforce safety and streamline business data management.

Over the years, the need for various tools and software systems only continues to increase, as more and more builders invest in new platforms such as Building Information Modeling and cloud analytics.

Companies like Bim Services Chicago allow construction companies to better manage their projects and reduce issues with the construction process.

In the modern construction industry, a plethora of new technologies are being introduced year by year, with forward-thinking companies quickly adopting these innovations to overhaul their existing, outdated processes or further improve their building capabilities.

From Augmented Reality and drone-based supervision and inspection to bricklaying robots and GPS tracking systems, new platforms and tools are expected to change the way construction companies operate and ensure safety on their worksite.

To learn the top technologies that are certain the shape the construction industry landscape in 2024, check out the full infographic below from Progressive Safety Equipment.

Construction Industry


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