3 Factors to Weigh-in to Transform a New E-Commerce Portal into a Success Story

Businesses based on e-commerce are a norm nowadays, and you can notice that many people around you indulged in this practice, either directly or indirectly.

Dubai is a huge market when it comes to opportunities for any business. And that is why not just in UAE but in the entire Middle East, it is regarded as the business hub.

That is the reason why prospective businessmen and entrepreneurs from the length and breadth of the region come to the city to try their luck.

Any e-commerce business cannot be developed overnight. The backend programming related to the database is essential so that everything falls into place when a customer wants to do a transaction with the website. But this step will only materialize once the visitors on the website are enticed to browse through the website.

The web design of an e-commerce portal can do the trick, but how can businesses get the design to complement their business and the product? 

Go through this blog as I guide anyone looking to learn how to master web design. Following are the top three aspects that are required to make a web design look the part.

1. Clarity in the Thoughts 

The message will not achieve their goal unless they are clear in their thoughts about their target audience and how they like to market their product. While you may think that these are not very important aspects, to make a web design that can attract visitors instantly, this is a given.

Starting a business without thinking about this is a recipe for the perfect disaster. Businesses can lose any reputation they have by gambling on their design which is not just their product or service.

The role of a designer is immense as he is the one who can drive any business towards all the success with his expertise in the field. That is why a professional having experience in crafting exquisite website design Dubai is perhaps the biggest requirement for new businesses. Your business can only strengthen and increase by leaps and bounds if the design and development of the website have been top-notch. 

Thought Process

While the designer can offer an exquisite solution in this consent, it is up to the business owners to explain what he has in mind regarding the web design. He must elaborate everything to get the design he has in mind. Otherwise, the end product may be exciting but not according to what they have planned. 

For the most part, allow your designer to have the final say in the web design. It is not just because he has the expertise in the field. A design we have in mind is often fueled by a popular web design that we come across on the Internet.

I have gone through several scenarios in which website owners ask the designer to develop a copy of a popular website design or something like it. This is akin to working on a suicidal mission because this website will not get the nod from its target audience. Also, Google will penalize it for bluntly copying the design and content. 

That is why clarity in the thought and brainstorming before moving ahead with the design is critical for the success of any e-commerce portal. 

2. Budget 

The web design and development of a professional e-commerce website cannot be achieved within a few hundred dollars. Designers use the latest tools and software to craft a web design that is bang on trend and can be the crowd-puller. But the budget can go out of hand if you want to go for the best design based on the latest design techniques and practices. 

As the owner of a small business or startup, you must think about the budget you have allocated for your e-commerce portal, especially for the design aspect. Initially, you can stick to a not too outlandish design but have some unique factors associated with it. In this way, you will not only save some precious amount but get along with the proceedings very easily. 

3. A Great Portfolio 

A great web design is useful for websites to attract visitors and critical for making a great case for the future. The product page is full of information about the featured product. It can act as a portfolio of what a website can offer to its prospective customers. Thinking of offering detailed information through the product page can probably be the best way forward for businesses. 

Any website can boost the domain authority by offering extensive data in pictures, video, and animation. You may never know that what media can get the attention of your prospective customer. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but a simple 10-second animation or video can say a lot more. But you may not have the idea about where to put a picture that can have a great impact on your visitors and when a video can do the trick for you.

Work in Collaboration with your Designer

So, just having a portfolio page for a comprehensive product page won’t get you to the top. You must think proactively as to what your visitors would require from your page. This is important to know as you are spending thousands of dollars on a full-fledged e-commerce portal. And if you will not get the desired results, all your hard-earned money and effort will go in vain. 

Working in collaboration with your designer can do a world of good for you. In certain cases, you can depend upon the designer’s capabilities completely so that he can design the page right from scratch till the end. And in certain scenarios, your input will be the catalyst in making the page work for you. That is why stay in touch with the designer throughout the designing process, give your input and trust his capabilities for getting the best results. 

Over to You 

Are you still thinking about the perfect strategy to get you an extensive e-commerce portal that can put you on the gleaming road to success? If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog that can be helpful for my readers, you are more than welcome to speak up. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.


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