5 Best Practices for Marketing Your Business During COVID 19

Business Ready for COVID-19

How are you marketing your business during the wake up of the COVID-19 pandemic? Many companies are finding it hard to survive in the business world, let alone increasing the leads.

Good marketing aims to understand the target customers’ behavior, joys, sorrows, festivals, and suffering. However, in times of crisis, some markets have been paralyzed or on the verge of extinction.

In order to thrive in the competition, some businesses are cutting down their marketing budget. At the same time, other companies are striving hard to become more agile and stay tuned with the public to attract them during these crises.

If you wish to stay in business, you can’t stay idle for a prolonged time. You have to start investing in the marketing plan, look for new customers, and start doing the business.

Being on the business market means that you have to find out the balance between conservatism and overspending on the usage of your limited resources. This way can help you keep the users informed about your business and stay engaged with them when things get tough.

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In fact, various studies have shown that with the right approach during the hurricane of the economic disturbance can increase the marketing results. Here the right speed is to stop sitting idle, get up from your couch, and start looking for the best resources to scale up your business.

A recent survey done by the American Association of Advertising Agencies has revealed that approximately 56% of the people start liking the brand when they hear how the brands help their communities survive in harsh times. And the rest 43% of the consumers expect to listen to the great stories in order to get reassurance.

That’s why it is said that marketing needs to be good during these hard times and must be based on people’s lives and how things are changing! More importantly, how people are adapting to the changes in their daily routine!

If you have been finding it difficult to market your business during COVID-19, then read these five practices. Let’s read!

Commence with Showing Empathy to the Customers

The first and foremost practice for marketing your business is showing empathy to your customers. Displaying empathy to the customers adds values, thoughts, human feelings, and genuineness in the field of sales and marketing. This could help your business to stay tuned with the customers.

As a matter of fact, with the outbreak of the COVID-19, several people have been picking up new habits, routines, and behaviors. In order to stay engaged with the customers, businesses need to gather insights about this new changing behaviors.

Now, customers are also trying new products that are available in the market. It has been predicted that approximately 89% of the people have planned to continue with their new habits. This is because they have started liking the new routine. For instance- people have started cycling again after the locked-down period. Earlier, it was said that the wave of cycles is about to demolish within a short period. But now, everything has changed.

Therefore, it is always advisable for business owners to shift their thinking process a little more towards the new trends and simultaneously display their empathy to the users. Many companies have already started acting as a lighthouse by starting the Voice of Customer and research programs. This will let businesses know more about their brands by uncovering people’s changing and shifting emotions. 

Virtual Events

The second topmost practice that businesses should look for marketing during the crisis time is by organizing virtual events as we are not certain that when the real events will be back in our lives, rather than wasting time. It is better to start hosting virtual events to attract new customers and successful entrepreneurs.

Thanks to the availability of the technology and the internet, businesses are now not restricted to the single locality. With the help of technology, people can now take part in virtual events from anywhere around the globe.

That’s why virtual events play an important role in the company in the wake of hard times. Below shared are some of the reasons:

  • It will help the businesses to reach a wider range of audiences.
  • It will help the companies hold the events at lesser costs and save a lot of money on booking a venue and hiring the event planners.
  • The virtual events are measurable. Companies can easily determine how many people are attending the events, which sessions are popular, and how the attendees paid for the tickets.

That’s why it is said that the companies should incorporate the idea of launching virtual events to stay tuned with the customers.

Discuss Relevantly, and Authentic Stories with the Customers

The next practice that can help the business in the field of marketing is by telling the customers some relevant and authentic stories. Many brands have already started preparing the impressive and compelling campaigns that relate to the current scenario.

For instance, company Dove has created a spot shining light for the courageous health care workers. To show people how these health specialists are doing their best to save them from a deadly virus. Another example is Budweiser and Burger King, which motivate people to abide by the rules and norms of social distancing and masks.

It’s a great way to tell the stories to the users at this time. But marketers should also invest their resources to move forwards and prepare those stories that add value to the communities and customers. As a matter of fact, every organization can contribute to the community in their own way. So, now the businesses need to ask themselves, ‘how can they help the people?”

They should look for those ideas which can help the communities in a better way. For instance, Jagermeister company is organizing the virtual events in order to raise funds to help the restaurant owners of New York. Moreover, Apple is also doing its best by mobilizing their resources to develop much-needed PPE’s. Following the lead of many software companies, Nike has temporarily eliminated its subscription fees for its app to help people stay fit while quarantining.

These kinds of moves can help to transform the economy in a better way during the pandemic. At this period of time, businesses should focus on building goodwill and drive long-term loyalty of the customers. The faster the world can beat the COVID-19 pandemic, the better chance all companies have in surviving the crisis.

Start Investing in Content Marketing

Another connected tip that can help in marketing your business is to start investing in content marketing. Nowadays, social distancing has become the current norm all over

the world. Even if the crisis has been curbed, distancing between the people will continue to stay with us.

In order to deal with the distancing norms, several people have started learning new techniques and ideas. In fact, several people have begun to research online about the company’s products and services before making any contact with them. 

Here, your business’s excellent marketing strategy will be to start investing more in the content to educate people about various things. It will help your businesses connect with the users and retain them by building healthy and strong relations. Here are some of the ways of educating customers:

  • Create a learning center on the website, endow with the webinars, courses, whitepapers, and guides.
  • Try to use some online tools to create automation tools and applications that can assist your customers. For example- the Ubersuggest given by Neil Patel is one of the prime examples of online tools that helps generate ideas for keywords.

Be Agile for the New Normal in the Society

And last but not least, the practice that can be adopted for marketing your business in the competitive world is becoming agile for the new norms and trends. Many entrepreneurs are sitting idle and waiting for the things to get normal back again in a few months or weeks. This is not the right strategy.

It would be better for the firms to understand the new norms and trends of the community and help them tackle it. To be very honest, no one knows when the pandemic will end. It would be helpful for the company to become adaptive to the changing pattern in society.

Even after passing the pandemic, companies can’t go back to their old playbooks. Personas, messaging, and even your product strategy may need to evolve significantly for the realities of the post-COVID-19 world.

Final Thoughts!

This article is all about the practices for marketing your business during the COVID-19 crisis. In these uncharted territories, no one can rely on their insights to grow their business. They need to look for the freshly prepared data and accurate insights. If you haven’t reached out to your customers in the past month, now’s the time to do so. Good luck!


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