7 Things You Should Know Before Taking a Cab in India

Taking a Cab in India

Hiring a cab is probably the one activity most Indians engage in regardless of age, gender, occupation & social conditioning.

A quick walk around the city will let you know that almost everybody has availed of cab service in Delhi these days. 

It’s easy to see why cab services are quickly gaining popularity in today’s landscape. 

Efficient, hassle-free & comfortable, cab services offer their users the choice to sit back & relax while they’re driven to their destinations. 

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Especially with the amended Motor Vehicles Act now tightening the noose around most traffic violations, the penalties for each of the offenses have gone up significantly. 

This is another reason why cab services in Delhi, the capital city of India, are getting more popular by the day. 

While sitting in a cab, the riders don’t have to worry about paying anything other than their fares. 

Most working professionals prefer taking a cab to go for a meeting then drive around in their own cars. The above mentioned amended Motor Vehicles act coupled with the traffic woes of Delhi, are just the reasons for the choice.

Anyone who has ever tried to veer their cars through the jam-packed roads of Delhi in significant traffic hours understands the hangup. 

All these reasons compounded lead to many people from the young working population of Delhi gravitating towards cab services. 

And while it’s mostly a welcome trend, some are cynical about cab services in Delhi. 

To allay the fears of these people, we’ve put together a list of 7 pointers that people should be considering before they decide to hire a cab service in Delhi. 

Take a Look at These Below,

The Rating of the Cab Service.

The rating of the cab service should be the utmost priority when choosing. This rating includes those by the users, businesses & cab associations, etc. Ratings especially matter when you’re hiring a cab service in Delhi for the first time. Apart from checking for ratings on all the online platforms, it’s also essential to check with real-life people. Try asking your friends, co-workers or family about the cab service & then decide on hiring from them.

The Facilities the Cab Service Provides.

Next on your list of pointers should be the facilities that the cab service provides its customers. Check if they have in-car wifi, handy first-aid kits, tissue rolls, on-the-go food ordering services & any other facilities. As young working professionals are often on the roll throughout the day, it’d be great if you could get all your basic needs taken care of during the ride itself. They can put their make-up on, fix their ties & shoes, order food online & access their emails, all while riding in the cab! 

Safety of the Cab Service.

Since work requires most professionals to stay out at odd hours, the safety of the cab service they’re hiring is of utmost importance. To ascertain this, check the reviews of the cab service, both from past riders & driving partners. You can go on Google & just type in ‘XYZ cab service reviews’, & you’ll get an elaborated list of all the reviews left for the cab service. Again, as previously mentioned, it’s crucial to check with real-world people too. Don’t forget to ask your friends’, co-workers’ & family members’ opinions also. 

The Fares the Cab Services Charges.

This one makes the list for obvious reasons. Most young working professionals prefer hiring a cab service that isn’t only comfortable, full of facilities & quick, but also easy on their pockets. Even though most millennials aren’t big on saving, most would still choose a budget-friendly cab service than one which irrationally charges high fares.

Keeping your budget in mind, you should do basic ground research on the fares of most cab services in Delhi, & then hire the one which suits your needs, savings & otherwise, the best. Another thing to look for in this respect is the cab service’s surge charge policies. Ensure that you know who you’re riding with, & save yourself from getting conned in the name of surge pricing. 

Check Out Their Website.

You can learn all about the cab service you’re looking to hire by visiting its website. Check out their special offers, driver-partner details, business policies & about very carefully. This could give you a lot of information about the cab service as well as let you save big on the offers the company might be running.

Additionally, their website might also have a lot of information on the company’s origin, their motivation & facilities. Reading up on these could help you gain a lot of insights on the cab service’s motivations & whether they align with yours. 

Do a Background Check on Their Driving Partners.

In the end, you’ll be riding with the cab service’s driving partners. So it’s pretty obvious why you should be doing a background check on them to make sure you’re in safe hands. This includes reading up on the company’s driver-partner hiring policies as well as looking up your driver’s profile in the app.
Doing this will not only ensure your safety & security but also helps you understand the cab service better. 

Read About the Insurance Policies of the Cab Service.

The final step before you decide on choosing a cab service in Delhi should be reading up on the insurance policies provided by your cab service. Most cab services have an insurance agreement in place with specific insurance companies in case of accidents, etc. It’d be best to do a little homework on the insurance policies of the cab service you’re hiring so that your ride is safe, secure & insured. 

The information regarding the cab service’s insurance policies should be available on the company’s website. However, if their website doesn’t have the information you’re looking for, it’s best to call them up & ask for the details yourself. 

There are multiple benefits of hiring a cab service in Delhi over driving your own car, & young working professionals are well aware of those!

People today have a choice of multiple cab services & deciding which one to hire might be a difficult task. With this 7-point checklist, we hope you’ll be able to narrow down your choices & end up with the best cab service in Delhi that suits your needs!


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