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Applying Creative Advice from Architects to All Sectors

Creativity is an important component of innovation. Solving the world’s complex problems requires thinking outside the box, which is why being able to think creatively is essential for innovation.

Oftentimes individuals only associate creativity and work with professions that are intrinsically imaginative; however, there is room for creative thinking across sectors.

Creativity is essential for being able to differentiate your work, solve problems, and ultimately drive results. Employees looking to stand out, even in more concrete fields, can really benefit from tapping into their creative sides.

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Creative thinking can also ultimately boost productivity, which is something many employees and businesses struggle with maximizing. Some research has shown that workers are productive less than three hours out of an 8-hour workday. One potential solution to this problem is creating a company culture that encourages creativity.

Companies should applaud new ideas, recognize employees for their efforts, and encourage collaboration. Inspired employees who feel excited and committed to their work tend to not only be more productive, but also put out higher quality work. Promoting a culture that respects and rewards innovation will benefit everyone.

Creative thinking, despite your individual field or professional goals, can improve your work experience overall. Whether you are looking to come up with the next market-disrupting technology or to feel more passionate about a project you are working on, letting your creative juices flow can aid you in the process.

TurboTenant’s visual offers creative advice from 11 world-famous architects to help inspire you to take risks, question the status quo, go the extra mile, and truly value the work you are doing.


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