Top 4 Ways that the Business Dashboard of Kwickmetrics Helps Amazon Sellers Monitor Their Business

Business Dashboard of Kwickmetrics

As far as we know, starting an online business requires entrepreneurs to acquire in-depth knowledge of the industry, its core functions, and the “way” it operates, right?

If you have successfully grasped all these things, the chances are high your business’s success will set a benchmark in the industry.

But the question is, is that all you need to run an e-commerce business? Well, we don’t think so, at least! Do you know why? Because apart from the knowledge part, it is essential to understand the needs and preferences of your potential customers “very” precisely, so you can sell them “exactly” the items they need, resulting in a great consumer experience.

Not just that, you might also want to glance at the products that are selling exceptionally well in your portfolio, so you can plan to upload your stock well and improve your inventory strategy at ease. Once you do this, it will be a breeze to establish a solid relationship with your buyers, deliver higher customer satisfaction, and, more importantly, generate an excessive return on investment.

But the question is, how to keep track of so many aspects of your business at once? Well, that’s where Kwickmetrics comes in. 

“Now,” before you ask what that is or what that means, we want to answer your query right away. So, let’s see:

What is Kwickmetrics?

In the “simplest” terms, Kwickmetrics is a state-of-the-art reporting and analytical tool that helps Amazon sellers identify and understand their business insights effortlessly. In other words, you can also perceive this software as a cutting-edge tool that enables you to understand each aspect of your business thoroughly, starting from the Sales phase to Returns.

It means, when this application is at your disposal, you can fetch a complete history of your shoppers and find out the commodities they are “interested in.” And please be mindful, its benefits don’t end here! That means you can also use this tool to segment buyers depending on their number of purchases, so you can get a sense of new and repeat customers in your client base.

Four Best ways the Business Dashboard of Kwickmetrics benefit Amazon sellers

One of the best benefits of getting Kwickmetrics software is that “it” lets you leverage a user-friendly Amazon Business Dashboard. With this dashboard at your hand, you can acquire full details about your online business by looking at the interactive charts in a superb user interface.

That’s not all; this tool is focused on Amazon sellers and will help change how you see your business and draw a well-informed conclusion from the given data to take your eCommerce to the next level. 

Now let’s get deeper insights into the four main elements of Amazon Business Dashboard:

1. Info Cards 

Info cards are particularly “useful” for business owners who want to get all the instrumental “sales metrics overview” about their commerce in the blink of an eye. Whether you “want” to peep into the information associated with your order placement or the returns, the Info cards provide you with all the essential data in one place with easily understandable charts and comparisons. 

2. Buyer Segmentation 

There are times when you find it challenging to classify your shoppers based on the number of items that they have bought from you. Thanks to the “Buyer Segmentation” feature of the Amazon Business Dashboard that eliminates this issue like a child’s play.

We mean, by having this trader-centric tool on your computer screen, you can divide the customers readily based on the number of orders they have placed in a particular timeframe. But the question is, “how?” “Well,” this application uses a simple pie chart to deliver you the desired information. 

3. Trends 

Another fantastic feature of the Amazon Business Dashboard is “Trends.” Now the question is, how does it make a difference to your business right? For that, we must say, this attribute comes in handy to see a detailed line chart that reflects your sales trends in a selected timeframe.

For example, you can view the Orders, Units, and Revenue you obtained in a specific period through a particular marketplace. 

4. Best Selling Products 

To stay on the top of the news, i.e., most important to you, Kwickmetrics offers you detailed information about the goods, selling in “extremely” high numbers. And just so that you know, this merchant-centric tool lets you acquire information about your top-performing products as per the number of your Orders, Units or Revenue. 

Over to You

With that over, we think you have obtained a battery of information through this article, be it the definition of Kwickmetrics or different ways in which it benefits Amazon sellers.

So, if you liked this post and want to use Kwickmetrics now, you can activate the 30-days free trial tenure by visiting the website of the best analytics and reporting tool for Amazon sellers.


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