Complete Guide to Dubai Sports City

Dubai is a dream for many people. Many people take Dubai as their ultimate goal and want to settle in Dubai, living in a dream apartment. The properties in Dubai are top-notch and well developed.

Moreover, the facilities in the residential flats are commendable and make you feel like living in a 5-star. Living in Dubai does not mean that you have to break your bank to pay the rent.

With innovative and strategic moves, one can live a perfect life in Dubai. We have listed down some affordable options for you to explore the communities.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

If you are an entrepreneur, having a business in Dubai, you must visit Dubai Silicon Oasis. It is one of the most technological friendly communities. Moreover, this community holds a lot of opportunities for the business owner.

You can also get a commercial space for your office in the same community. Dubai Silicon Oasis is more like an advancement hub for professionals. It is located at Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road and at the intersection of Dubai-Al-Ain Road.

Not to mention, there are a lot of nearby attractions in Dubai as it is located in the center. The international city, academic city and Nad Al Sheba are also close to Oasis. Dubai festival city is also located at 15 minutes’ drive from the main community.

Undoubtedly you will get a lot of amenities in Dubai Silicon Oasis. The residential towers are affordable. There is a technology park which almost everyone loves. You will also find supermarkets, hotels, cafes, retail outlets and schools in the same vicinity. The parking space is also reasonably sufficient, and there are parks as well.

International City

The international city is one of the most top-rated communities in the UAE. This community is trendy due to many reasons—however, one primary reason for the popularity of International cities-affordability.

The international city is spread across 8 million square meters and provides you with every other possible facility. One can enjoy a sense of community and an elite living style.

Living in an International city does not demand the sacrifice of the quality of life. There are 10 clusters, and a country inspires every division-China, Persia, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Emirates, to name a few.

Town Square

Nshama Group is one of the most prestigious groups of developers. Town Square is a project of Nshama Group, and it is one of the largest and happening communities that cater to all your needs. It is located near Al Qudra Road, and it is more of an elegant neighbourhood.

Town Square is pretty affordable as well; renting an apartment will not cost an arm or leg. The Mall of Emirate and Dubai Marina are just 25 minutes away from Town Square. The state-of-the-art facilities at Town Square are indeed comfortable and luxurious. There are schools and nurseries in the same vicinity.

Dubai Production City

International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) was the former name of Dubai Production City. This community was developed in 2003, and the main purpose of this community was to offer commercial and residential units to the same fraternity.

The TECOM group handled the project; and made sure that the community aligned with the same purpose. This community is located at the edge of the city; you can be close and away from the city’s hustle at the same time.

Most importantly, Dubai International Airport is just 25 minutes away from the Production City. Worlds of adventure (IMG) is 20 minutes from the community.

Jumeirah Village Circle

The second name for serenity and peace is residential properties in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). It is one of the most family-friendly communities around the city. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this community; it caters for the needs of a family.

Nakheel developers develop JVC, and the whole project goes with the complementing life of Dubai. The location is prime, next to Dubai Miracle Gardens. The community is also near the Mall of the Emirates. There are numerous facilities offered by the community, which makes life much easier.

The developers have done an outstanding job; the project is detailed and on-point. There are medical clinics as well, along with schools and nurseries. You will find shopping outlets, cafes and green spaces in the community.

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City is an iconic development of Dubai. Indeed, it is one of the most active and affordable communities to rent an apartment in Dubai. If you are a sports enthusiast, this community is ideal for you.

The fitness and sports-related personalities; gives great importance to this community. Most importantly, living in Dubai Sports City means that; you will be living just a couple of steps away from the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

This community is developed in a prime location of Muhammad Bin Zayed Road. The facilities of Dubai Sports City are unmatchable, as it provides a lot of perks to the residents.


Last on our list is; another hit community tucked in the heart of Dubai. Remraam is a gem community to rent an apartment. Remraam is a project by the same developer; who worked for Shorouq and Ghoroub.

Hence, you can sense the professionalism of the community. Remraam offers unmatchable amenities to the residents. The community as a whole is welcoming and green. It is located in Dubailand, more of a prime location.

All of the attractions are nearby; commuting is not a task whether you travel via public transport or own a vehicle. That’s all! We have covered almost all the active communities where you can rent an apartment in Dubai Sports City and all. We hope this article will help you in making the right decision.


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