Crucial Tips to Get Good Scores in Read Aloud in PTE Exam

PTE Exam

The read-aloud examination is divided into multiple sections having different types of sentences.

You will be allotted a specific time duration in which you need to take care of pronunciation and spelling.

PTE practice is the only way out through which you can assure good results and maximum scores. The reason why You need to continuously undertake the PTE reading mock test is that that would introduce you to the obstacles and problems.

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Primarily the PTE read-aloud test is based on the overall pronunciation content and oral fluency of the student. Every sentence that you read should sound correct no matter what. Here are a couple of tips that can help all the aspirants who are about to face read aloud PTE examination-

How to Get Good Scores in Read aloud in PTE Exam?

There should be a Lot of Oral Fluency

Oral fluency checks out the confidence while you read out the sentences out loud. It is meant to find out the stress and rhythm of the student. The overall reading speed should be neither too slow nor too fast. Each and every sentence must be very clear.

Fumbling and hesitation can give you a negative rating and that should be absolutely avoided. Repeating the same sentence again and again and also shows that you are confident and hence result in lower scores. It is only when you practice PTE reading mock tests that help you to gain confidence and avoiding the negative elements becomes possible.

Pay Attention to the Pronunciation

You don’t have to imitate the native English accent because it is not natural. The PTE examination allows the candidates to read sentences aloud in their regional pronunciation. You should understand the written words and speak them very clearly.

Give at least 30 – 40 Seconds in Reading the Text Mentally

Each Candidate should read the punctuation marks and the written text. You must find out where you need to pause and the words that require a little stressing upon.

You cannot continue reading the entire paragraph in the same pitch because there are so many punctuations present. Pauses are highly necessary and indicate that you understand the intricacies of the English language.

Stress on Important Informative Words

You need to stress upon each word that has the crucial information. Read them a bit louder by conveying that those are important. Regular PTE practice would give you a whole idea of how you need to manage things better.

Do Paragraph Divisions

If you want to score high in the PTE read-aloud section, make sure that you divide the entire content into certain paragraphs. This improves your skills and also lets you figure out the meaning very well.

Proper Focus on Punctuations

The full stops and performers are not meant to be ignored in the PTE read aloud section. Indeed these are the areas that require more stress so that the examiner knows that you understand the punctuations. Doing PTE practice while standing before the mirror is a great way to improve your score level in the final performance.

Apart from solving the PTE reading mock test, you can also subscribe for an English newspaper and read it daily to mitigate your nervousness.

Additional Tips to Score better in PTE Read aloud Exam –

  • Try to mentally reverse the answers before the recording for the final examination begin.
  • Read aloud each word while the countdown timer takes and note of everything.
  • Read the entire paragraph at a normal speed and full confidence.
  • Do not show any sort of nervousness and stammering while reading the sentences
  • Avoid being silent for more than three seconds because the mic stops recording after that.
  • Eliminate turning and stopping in the middle for no reason.
  • Do not try to add extra letters or words from your end

About PTE Reading Mock Test

PTE practice tests have the exact pattern likewise the original exam. It can help you to score very well by improving your reading skills. If you want to actually improve your PTE scorecard, start with regular practicing from today.  Personally evaluate your performance and work hard on the required areas.

Regular reversing and practicing mock tests will not only help you to get better for students but also let you acquire higher scores in the final PTE examination.


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