6 Decorative Tips for Your Trade Show Booth

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Trade fairs provide excellent opportunities for brands to interact with their competitors, learn from one another and display their new products. You could also get more clients after a successful day at the trade fair.

However, brands are working tirelessly to spruce up their booths and reel in more customers. Therefore, you need to think outside the box and figure out how you will gain a competitive edge so that your booth can stand out. The following article will discuss some decorative tips for your trade show booth. 

Understand the Real Estate of Your Trade Booth

Certain areas of your booth are more important than others. It would be wise to locate the focal point of your booth and place important elements there. For instance, if the back wall is the most important part of your booth, ensure you feature your logo, a suitable design element, and your company name.

Include High-Resolution Images

You will need to print a few banners to exhibit at your trade show booth. If you have blurry or pixelated photos, you risk looking unprofessional. Therefore, it would be best to ensure you have high-resolution photos with proper formatting. You could even go a step further to hire a professional to capture good photos before printing them. 

Ensure the Key Message is Brief and in Large Font

Remember that one of the main objectives of trade show displays is to spread awareness about your brand. Therefore, you would want people passing by to know why you are at the trade fair and what you are all about. Ensure the key message is in large fonts and positioned higher than waist length for all to see. The font should be visible from at least five feet away. 

Make Your Booth Interactive

It’s not enough to play demo videos at your booth to reel customers in. Visitors will spend more time at your booth if you engage them using giveaway promotions and touch screen technology. You could also allow them to play interactive games and award winners with a free voucher or a product from your company. 

Incorporate the Right Colors

Mastering color psychology is key if you want to attract potential clients to your booth. Cool tones such as blue and green may look professional but won’t do much to grab the attention of people passing by.

On the other hand, bright colors such as red and yellow are more engaging and will make your booth noticeable from afar. However, it would help to use bright colors wisely to prevent your booth from becoming too overbearing.

Don’t Clutter Up Your Booth

While a sparse trade booth would not be ideal, filling your booth with furniture would also not be a good idea. Leave a bit of extra space for your visitors to move around and be comfortable. The concept of free space also applies to your graphic design. A general rule is that at least 40% of your booth’s graphics should be empty space. 

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the best booth is one that attracts more customers and generates lead after lead. If you follow the guidelines discussed above, we guarantee you will wow your visitors and make a lasting impression in their minds.


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