The Guideline of PMP Exam of Basic Knowledge

Guideline of PMP Exam

PMI (Project Management Institute), founded in 1969, is the largest non-profit professional association for project professionals, with 260 chapters in 260 countries around the world and more than 1.3 million members and certified persons. PMBOK is published every four years and is currently the sixth edition.

PMP stands for Project Management Professional Qualification. The PMP proves that the project management level has reached the international standard and has the ability to engage in the work related to project manager management. In 1999, it obtained the ISO9001 certification, thus becoming one of the most authoritative certification examinations in the world.

Written test: random distribution of questions, 200 multiple choice questions which are single choice and choose one of four.

Score: Twenty-five of the 200 questions are not graded, which PMI uses to test whether the exam is too difficult or too easy or very controversial. But these 25 questions are randomly scattered in the test paper. So, answering correctly of 131 questions or above is considered a pass. Situation question, process question and calculation question take large part of the exam.

Four times a year: 4 times a year, March, June, September, December. Exam time: 9:00 ~ 13:00, a total of 4 hours.

Results: Starting from the exam in September 2017, PMI has adjusted the results of the PMP. Instead of using the previous three grades of P\M\B, the results will be shown as:

Needs Improvement; Below Target; Target; Above Target.

These four criteria respectively reflect the achievement status of the five process groups.

Teaching mode: course study + homework + teacher’s homework correction.


Listen:《An Hour a Day, Two Month to Pass PMP exam》

Watch:Homework comments and textbooks.

Practice:SPOTO question bank.

Learning skills:

  • To learn from the past, we should not only read the wrong questions but also reread the right ones after finishing a set of questions.
  • Be good at summarizing. For mistakes and questions which are easily confused, you should be good at comparing and summarizing, and summarize the rules.
  • Be good at using fragmented time for learning.

One Hour a Day for Two Months

Teaching mode: video, mind mapping, homework, test sprint, simulation test.

Teaching results: There are many candidates passed the exam with 5A score.

Skills + Methods = Success

Understand the essence and ideas of modern project management, master the knowledge system of project management, improve the management skills of project managers, and successfully pass the PMP certification exam.

The PMP course is divided into weeks, using the form of mind mapping. And each semester’s lessons are recorded and released.

Title of the course:《An Hour a Day, Two Month to Pass PMP》

Teaching Method:

The course is given with mind mapping. Videos will be recorded and released once or twice a week during each semester. After upgrading to VIP, you can download APP to attend lectures and submit homework on the forum. Each week, there will be chapter focus, test point mind map and homework.

Then upload the homework back to the forum, there will be a teacher correcting your homework one-to-one. After all, the homework for the first week is passed (there will be a video explanation in the second week, and so on), the next week’s study will be started.

You have to finish your homework before you can go into the next week. You can see the study situation every day and make a little progress every day. There are ten weeks of basic courses and the sprint course started about 15 days before the exam. The sprint course includes intensive exercises, simulation questions, and a summary of key test points.


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