How to Market a Secondary Product Launch as a Part of Your Brand

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Do you work for a firm that solely focuses on creating crafty campaigns to market products?

Bringing that new campaign on which you’ve worked countless hours and watch it turn into a success is a great relief. You sort of know that you’re on the right path and your efforts are now going to bear fruit.

Trust me there’s no better satisfaction…

Are you about to create, launch and market a new product all on your own?

Let’s assume that you’ve created an amazing product and added it as an extension to your already existing and thievingly successful brand. Since your brand is established, you know your target audience.

The only thing that is stopping you from describing to your target audience what the product is all about is a false notion where you’re compelled to think about what marketing strategy should you use to make it widely heard.

Here is a challenge that many modern-day marketers face!

Maybe it’s for the first time that you’re working on a campaign where you are tasked with bringing messages to their emails, and inboxes or letting your target audience see stuff on social media profiles…

Something that is entirely new and you want to motivate them to try out your new service.

If you’re a complete stranger to marketing a product launch, then you’ve now come to the right place.

Do Some Experimentation with the Brand Messaging

Are you planning to launch a powerful product that can offer a series of services to your customers? This may require a good load of your attention. When it comes to playing with the messaging, you don’t have to limit yourself! Play around with your brand name to associate them with your secondary services.

For example, brands like HBO, Disney, and YouTube have separate online streaming services called Disney+, HBO GO and even YouTube TV which amazingly works for them. The name just not sticks in the mind of your average customer but it also indicates that the service you’ve launched is an extension and a part of a bigger brand that’s already a success story in the market.

If you’ve just innovated something new! Then that’s a totally different ball game, but if you’re already established and just adding a new product to your brand! Why not make use of your existing brand name and make it a service that sticks.

Playing with existing brand names can pose a threat to your brand image, but it can surely make your head stick out from the rest and stay ahead and shoulder above from the rest of the competition.

Try to Stay Within Your Industry! Don’t Deviate

If you’re a business opting in to simply just expand and add new folds of products under your brand name, then try to stay within your industry. Don’t deviate from your original brand messaging just to highlight your product. It’s a bad move and can seriously hurt the existence of your business on different platforms.

As businesses expand, it is a common practice where we see them adding a variety of new products and services to their website. For example, a locksmith business can expand his or her services to security camera maintenance, doorbell fixing, garage doors, plumbing and carpentry based on the requirement.

Similarly, when a digital marketing agency starts selling a particular service under a brand name, for example, their own educational platform similar to Hubspot, they release automated marketing messages.

What most marketers fail to realize is that they aren’t supposed to market these services as individual entities, but instead market the product as a whole or a part of the brand which they selling.

When you launch a new product on the market, you shouldn’t consider its launch as a separate entity. Instead, you should take a broader perspective and market it as a part of your brand. In this way, people will see you like the brand they are engaging with for years, and in addition, might explore the new service.

Introduce the Element of Storytelling

If you’re really serious about marketing your service or product under your brand name, tell a story. Stories can create the perfect emotional connection with the customers and if done right, can win them at heart.

When you tell a story, make sure that you hire an expert copywriter from a good digital marketing agency who can create the perfect story-element for your business, something that the audience can relate to.

When was the last time you come across an ad which was inspiring and converting?

Take, for example, a good TV commercial. Does it tell you a powerful story? Does it connect with you? Something about the ad kind of got stuck on you! It’s the same with story-telling. You can term it as the catchy jingle to your marketing efforts.

Some stories like the infamous Coke commercial have a remarkable impact on its audience worldwide because it introduces an element in its story that makes them remember their brand. If you’re an SMB trying to make a similar impact, storytelling is your game.

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A good story only instigates the element of trust but will also sell your digital ad like no other. Here are three powerful factors which may work hand in hand to ensure that your digital marketing practices don’t go to utter waste.

Are you launching a secondary product in your brand? Time to consider the following few practices to make the launch of your product quite a memorable one for the audience.


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