How to Start a Freelance Business? (A-Z Guide)

Start a Freelance Business

How to start a freelance business is the question most people are searching on Google because in 2024 freelance careers are becoming so much more popular day by day because we do not need any office to work.

We can work by sitting in our homes and a freelance career is not like your 9-5 job it’s your business you can manage your freelance business from anywhere so in this article I will guide you.

how to start a freelance business how freelancers get clients and which freelancers earn higher so let’s start.

How to Start a Freelance Business?

For starting your freelance business you have to keep one thing in mind that is if you’re an employee or if you’re a student then you have to start freelance as a side business or part-time business because so many people I see quit their jobs and studies.

The reason, they will think if I quit a job or studies then I earn $1000 in one month only because they do freelance as a full-time business but this is the wrong way if you want to do freelance business in the right way follow these steps.

Step 1: Make a Clear Decision

When I start doing freelance business for the first time I do not make a clear decision about which freelance service I should give to our clients.

I just know how to build a website and I give so many services on freelance websites like web development, logo making, and app development what happened?

Even a single service does get 1 client. It’s a very funny thing so it’s important to make a clear decision so you can do better in freelancing.

Step 2: Choose the Right Niche

After making a clear decision now you have to choose the right niche. What is the right niche? The right niche is your interested and passionate niche for example you’re more interested in app development then do not choose web development.

Because you can not do good at web development because you’re interested and passionate about app development and you can easily enjoy that work and it’s easy to do that work.

Step 3: Learn Related Things

After choosing the right niche now you have to learn niche-related things, for example, if you choose the app development field you have to learn related things like coding, programming languages, etc.

The only other niches related things you have to learn and the atlas gives them 2-4 months for learning because without skill you are not able to earn money and if you want to develop a skill you have to give time.

Step 4: Register on Freelancing Websites

After acquiring a skill now you have to register on a freelancing website I see people make mistakes while registering on freelancing websites they will register on one website only and they will wait for clients if they do not get clients they will quit.

It is because they want fast projects so better is to register on 2-4 freelancing websites If one website does give you clients then another website will also, give you clients so register on 2-4 websites so it’s easy to get your first project in less time. Lean Top 5 best freelance websites for beginners you d’n know it?.

Step 5: Start with Your Contacts

This step also helps you to get your first project in less time on your smartphone. We have so many friends and family member’s phone numbers just you have to tell about your freelance service to your friend and family members.

For example, if you know how to build websites then ask your friends or family members if I build a website for your business at an affordable price if you’re interested then contact me and if they want a website from you, they will contact you.

Step 6: Build Your Website:

If you have money to invest in your freelance business you can invest it in your website if you do not know how to build a website you can build your website from developers or you can also build a website in WordPress it’s easy to build.

Just you have to buy a domain and hosting watch the WordPress tutorial on YouTube and make it why I’m telling you to build your website. Because when you build your website, clients trust you and you will get clients from Google too.

Step 7: Promote Yourself on Social Media

This is the most important part of your freelance business because so many people use social media in 2024. Just you want to promote yourself on social media by using Facebook and Instagram how do you promote?

You can promote with the help of sharing photos and videos on your social media accounts daily or you can do paid promotions on Facebook at a very low price and you will get high results. The best thing is you can target a specific audience.

Suppose you want to show ads for freelancers only you can show it and only freelancers see your ads that are an amazing feature.

Step 8: Give More Value Than You Take

So many new freelancers do not get clients because in starting they will charge a high amount from clients. After all, they want to earn more in starting only and clients do not give projects to new freelancers because of the high amount.

So if you want the projects from clients in less time you have to charge low and give more value than you take after gaining trust from your clients you can charge a high amount of money.

Step 9: Attend Conferences and Events:

You have to attend conferences and events in your city because at events and conferences, so many freelance experts are coming and they will share knowledge there.

It’s very helpful for you who knows you will get your first client there only so attend conferences and events if you want to know the next freelance event in your city search on Google.

Step 10: Collaborate with Others:

This step is also very important because when you collaborate with other people in your industry you will get benefits from that person you can grow your freelance business.

For example, if I have a YouTube channel and I want to collaborate with other related YouTubers than I will send an email to YouTubers but before sending an email it’s important to see our work also.

Without doing anything if I send an email to collaborate with me they will tell me no because I have nothing to do Good at YouTube so collaborate with others.

Which Freelancers Earn Higher?

Which Freelancers Earn Higher

#1. Programmer

Freelancer programmers are earning more because every offline business is coming online with the help of programmers. After all, business man’s do not know how to build a website or an app for their businesses.

They will take the help of freelance programmers and freelance programmers charging good amounts of money to build a website or an app and learn how to become a freelancer programmer beginner to advance.

#2. Content Writer

Content writer freelancers also earn higher and experienced content writers charge $100 for 1000 words of articles because writing content is not too easy.

You have to do well research you have to do SEO and many more things if you want to write amazing content.

#3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketers also charge a high amount of money because every big company like AMAZON Samsung etc. is running their ads on social media platforms like FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE.

Because when they run ads on TV so many people do not come to their website on social media platforms we can go directly to their website through a website link a very helpful feature in social media platforms.

#4. Video Editing

So many people’s opening their YOUTUBE channels and want video editors to edit their videos and they are giving their videos to video editor freelancers video editor freelancers are charging around $50per/per hr on UPWORK it may be more dependent on your expertise.

#5. Search Engine Optimization {SEO}

So many offline businesses are opening their websites online and they want SEO experts for their websites they will be ready to pay you a high amount of money and some SEO experts are charging $50-$100per/per hour. It’s a big opportunity for you also.


This is a big opportunity for you because big companies like Microsoft Airbnb etc. are giving their projects to freelancers only. I see so many freelancers are opening their agency also. So I hope now you know how to start a freelance business.

If you have any questions. PLZ comment down below thanks for reading.


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