How Warehousing and Distribution Services Can Affect your E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

We are living in the digital age and the pace of IT development is exponential, with smaller and faster hardware that is driven by even more complex software, and with the explosion of e-commerce has come a level of expectation that the online consumer has developed.

If we would take a moment to examine the typical online consumer, you realize that the buying experience has to be smooth; fast page loading times, secure online payments, and above all fast delivery.

Enhancing the Customer’s Buying Experience

This is the goal of every shopping cart website and a great deal of this lies with the logistics; once an order has been placed, it must be picked and packed, then delivered to the customer, wherever they may reside in the world. For a relatively new business, a small room with products and packaging and regular courier service, it is not difficult to fulfil orders.

However, once the business takes off, maintaining a high level of service will be threatened. You will need to hire more staff – and that doesn’t always work out – plus you will have no choice but to invest more resources into your logistics, while also trying to maintain a high level of service to your customers.

Third-Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics
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This is a booming industry that grew out of the e-commerce demand for top-rated logistics, and there are specialist warehousing and distribution companies that are geared up to handle high volumes of orders. All it takes to make contact is a Google search, and when you do find a local 3PL company, pay them a visit and see for yourself, the facilities they have.

Late Deliveries

In this highly competitive world, we live in, you simply can’t afford to have slow delivery; as consumers will simply source an identical product elsewhere and your business will suffer as a result. Sadly, there have been successful online retailers that got their marketing spot-on, yet failed to prepare for very high order volumes, which resulted in a drop-in service level.

Outsourcing to Specialists

Find a local 3PL company and talk to them about your operation; they would be totally flexible, allowing you to halt the service at any time, and their goal is to fulfil your orders in a professional manner.

When you compare the cost of self-handling order fulfilment, it soon becomes clear why so many e-commerce businesses use 3PL, and with guaranteed rapid deliveries, your customers will experience a smooth and pleasant buying process that ends with quick delivery.

Free Up your Human Resources

If you, or any of your employees, are focused on processing orders, this affects your ability to provide a 5-star service which is why outsourcing makes perfect sense, as it is also cheaper.

You can’t afford to take any chances with order fulfilment, and by outsourcing your picking, packing and delivery, you are assured of a smooth purchasing experience for your customers.


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