The Influence of Technology on the World of Business

Becoming an entrepreneur is probably the most sought after career path in today’s date. If you have enough capital and a vision for a business, you can very easily start up a company with the help of loans and other agents to help you out.

The real challenge though has never been to start a business. The real challenge lies in making the business prosper and maintain it through clever tactics, dedication, hard work, and morals.

There are plenty of factors that you need to take into consideration if you aim to make some real profit out of your endeavor. Different advertising platforms, tactics, public relations, and other such things are crucial if you want to boost the sales of your business.

Luckily, we have the helping hand of technology to help us give a boost to all these factors. Let’s have a look at some general ways in which technology can help you achieve this aim.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media has seen a huge growth in the past few years. This growth should be accredited to the fact that now almost every person on the planet has a smartphone which makes accessing the internet just a click away.

With such ease of accessibility, the social media platforms saw billions of users constantly staying online for hours. Any place where the public spends so much of their personal time is an excellent place to advertise your business. Social media companies understood this and they now provide streamlined and ingenious ways for companies to advertise their services and products.

Social media marketing is now a full-fledged industry and has helped produce sales worth billions of dollars every year. If you have not yet partaken in social media advertisements then you should pull up your socks and dive headfirst into this money-making opportunity.

Creatives and Flexes

You must have used the application called ‘paint’ on your computer in your childhood. Well, softwares like Coral Draw and Photoshop are just very advanced versions of the application. You can make unimaginable digital images on these softwares.

Such tools give you the power to make full use of your creativity so that you can produce the exact desired images and creatives. Such images can be used to promote your business in a variety of means, both online and offline. Remember the social media advertisement we talked about? Well, most of the creatives that are advertised on Facebook and Instagram are the product of photoshop.

Highly skilled graphic designers can make some breathtaking images that will surely help boost your sales by attracting customers to your website or store. Apart from using these images for online promotion, you can also use them on actual flexes and posters which can be placed at strategic locations to attract potential clients.

Make a Website

Every business that is selling merchandise or offering a service now has a website on the internet. If you do not have a website of your company then you should start looking for a website designer right now without wasting any time. The world is slowly shifting to virtual shopping and virtual markets.

Having a website on the internet has many advantages. It lets the customer find you with a click of a button. A customer can also check out your products and services while sitting at home and can pay you without even leaving the house.

A professional website developer at explains how a good looking website, that is easy to navigate and is informative, can instill an urge in the visitor to buy whatever it is that you’re selling. More than anything, a website is now seen as a mark of your business’s validity and authenticity.

Use CRM and ERP Softwares

Businesses and their processes can sometimes become quite complicated and intricate. Reminders and logs need to be checked on and updated regularly. Even small businesses now deal with hundreds of customers daily. These huge numbers can put your employees under immense pressure to keep everything in order.

This is where technology really helps us. ERP and CRM systems have been a blessing for many companies. The IT sector has been at the forefront of reaping the benefits of these systems. ERP stands for ‘enterprise resource planning’ and CRM stands for ‘customer relationship management’.

These systems help with logs, reminders, streamlining, cataloging, and other such processes. To put it into perspective, it would take almost 10 times the effort and time to do these activities if done without the help of the systems.

Install Automated Machines

Technology has also brought about the automation of a lot of physical activities that used to be done by humans. Putting a machine in place of an employee mostly saves you a lot of money. On top of that, by using an automated machine, you could also increase the speed of every process by a lot.

The margin of error would also be diminished once we get machines to replace humans where we can. A very common example would be a regular drive-thru of McDonald’s. Before technology gifted us with automated voice over machines, the orders used to be taken by human employees. Once McDonald’s replaced these employees with an automated voice over machine powered by artificial intelligence.

They recorded lesser customer complaints and even lesser errors. Technology is a blessing for the world of business. There is no doubt that it has single-handedly helped business grow and prosper. The entire IT sector is nothing but a by-product of the development and enhancement of technology.

Other industries like the food industry, the travel industry, the fashion industry, and many more have prospered and grown thanks to it.

Even though no one can argue that a lot of credit for the success of industries goes to technology, it is also important to note that without the sheer dedication, creativity, vision, practical know-how, and morals, technology would not be of much use to you. You need to possess these qualities in order to expect growth in your business.


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