All You Need to Know About the Bag-On-Valve Technology Market

Bag-on-valve technology is growing rapidly in packaging various personal care, home care, and pharmaceutical products. B.O.V technology provides an advantage for the aerosol products that need contact-free dispensing.

Thanks to the fact that they have a longer shelf-life, need fewer preservatives, and are used with eco-friendly air or nitrogen. B.O.V technology is being used on a large scale for food & beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical packings.

Major food and beverage companies have started using technology for packing oil, sauces, and other liquid or cream products. The reason why consumers like these bottles is because they are convenient, easy to use, and easy to store.

The Aluminum Association said that using recycled aluminum can save a lot of money and also reduce energy consumption. Hence, an increasing number of manufacturers are now producing this packaging using aluminum.

Moreover, aluminum has a high recycling value without loss of quality. This technology also results in a reduced amount of volatile organic compounds.

Healthcare and other industries are also now choosing this packaging technology options. Hence, this packaging technology has turned out to be one of the most preferred choices for most manufacturers in various sectors.

The global bag-on-valve technology market is expected to see an average growth between 2017-2024. Experts suggest that the market is expected to bring in nearly US$500.1 million in terms of revenue.

Aerosol B.O.V to be One of the Most Preferred Products in the Packaging Industry

In comparison to the standard and non-spray products, aerosol bag-on-valve products are said to be the most preferred products in the packaging industry.

By the end of the year 2024, aerosol B.O.V is expected to surpass US$ 300 Million in terms of revenue. According to experts at Signature Filling Company, there has been an increase in the number of pharmaceutical companies using aerosol B.O.V technology.

The packaging technology comes with a multi-layered pouch attached to the aerosol valve. Aerosol bag-on-valves function equally at all the angles, and this also adds to the formulation convenience by elimination, the need for preservatives.

Qualities such as lightweight, unbreakable, easy to hold are the driving reason behind the increase in demand for aerosol B.O.V. Many manufacturers have started to develop aerosol cans using aluminum on a large scale, because of its low cost and recyclable nature.

Bag-on-valve Technology: the Undoubted King in the Cosmetic & Personal Care Industry.

There is a significant increase in cosmetic and personal care companies using this technology. The growth is due to the reason that this technology eliminates contact between the product and the propellant.

Additionally, it also makes it possible to dispense the product from all the positions. Manufacturers have also started to manufacture sterilized bag-on-valve systems that provide a sterile environment for cosmetic products, ensuring the safety of the cosmetic product.

Final Words

This technology first originated in the cosmetic industry, and now it’s fastly moving towards the other sectors too. The rapid growth of wound cleansing products, disinfectant sprays, dermal creams, and other sprays has increased the usage of B.O.V technology.


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