Managing Finance during COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 Crisis

Managing your finances is required at all times but with the crisis and lockdown going all over the world, not only one country’s economy but the whole world is crashing and going down due to the pandemic outspread.

Covid-19 has hit the prosperity of the world so severely that the economies of the most influential countries of the world are under huge threat.

Also, one noticeable thing is there is no coming back like before with the current situation going on. The world economy is shattering and we are headed towards another cycle of recession posing a huge risk on jobs across the world. So how will we get back on the track? Only one possibility is to work together and help each other.

Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic:

A significant setback and effects are seen. No one was ready for this unexpected setback, and all the preparations being made by each country and people for the unforeseen situations are resulting in no outcome. Some of the problems that we have started to face are:

  • Unemployment: Closing of the restaurants, hotels, cafes, and shops have thrown many people out of work. Moreover, the travel industry has faced the greatest setback.
  • Oil prices are at their all-time low with almost no demand due to lockdowns across the world
  • Import and export trading is on a halt
  • Cash inflows in the market have reduced due to market uncertainty
  • Business startups or business, in general, have stopped because of lockdown
  • Stock prices and share market is fluctuating like never before
  • Investments have slashed a major downfall

Who is Getting Affected?

The pandemic has impacted almost every business and people at all levels. Here is a list of people who are being affected badly:

  • Daily wagers or laborers
  • People who rely on their monthly income. And due to companies and business shut down, these people have no cash inflow
  • Students who went for study in other countries and cities
  • Small and Mid-business owners
  • Homeless or poor people

All these unexpected times have left everyone to think and worry about their future and what stands ahead? But all are playing their part and helping each other as much as they could to make this hard time, less sufferable while implementing measures to prevent themselves from this dreadful disease.

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Tips on How to Manage your Finances:

With businesses at a halt and the world is heading towards another round of recession, managing personal finances has become of utmost importance. Here are some tips on how you could manage your finances during these difficult times:

1. Prioritize your Spending

Evaluate your needs. Only spend whenever it is necessary and for things that you need for survival. Look out on the ways that could help you save a little. You can do a SWOT analysis of your finances and use the Eisenhower matrix on spending decisions.

If your income is affected by the crisis, reevaluate your budget and cut down on unnecessary spending. You can also use your savings to supplement the income. Cut down on expenditure and save your income for the future. You can set up an emergency fund for the future.

2. Stock Up but Avoid Panic Buying

This is the most common mistake that people are making during the crisis. They are buying unnecessary things and that too in bulk. Stock up to some extent but avoid panic buying. Governments across the world are making sure that there is no shortage of essential items.

3. Learn New Skills and Utilize them to Diversify Your Income

Relying only on one source of income can be a real threat to your finances, especially if you are unable to work due to the pandemic. Utilize your time to learn new skills and explore new talents. Make a list of things that you always wanted to learn and start learning.

Think of how you can leverage these skills to start a new business, and monetize your new diversify your new source of income.

4. Look out for Smart Investment Options

You need to be ready for any situation that may arise in the future. So what is the best option other than savings?Investment. But make sure to fully understand, observe, and be up to date with knowledge on whatever venture you are planning to invest. With a SWOT analysis of your finances, you will know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you have a sound financial status, with no debt and sufficient cash deposits, you can consider helping your family member or friend in need at this critical time. Or you can consider investing in future-proof your finances.

5. Do not Ignore Credit Card Payments

Even when everything is closed and there is no spending on yourcredit cards, you may think that it is not a wise option to make credit card payments. You should not delay your payments during the economic slowdown.Credit cards charge you a high-interest rate on pending payments. Moreover, this will impact your credit score. If you are facing a liquidity crunch, you can opt to pay a minimum payment to avoid aggravated bills.

6. Look for Government Assistance Programs

Governments across the world are announcing various programs and stimulus packages to help people affected due to pandemic. Check if you are eligible for these aid programs. These programs are specifically for the people who are facing layoffs and getting hit financially due to the outspread of the pandemic. Governments are announcing special packages to help SMB owners and employees to help them overcome the COVID-19 crisis.

We need to assure ourselves that this time will also pass away soon. But to make the best use of the time, we have in our hands is our duty to come out financially stronger and with many changes and benefits that will last a lifetime.

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