Most Successful Businesses During the Pandemic

The iron grip of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global catastrophe as businesses & economy came to a grinding halt. And as we speak, things are worse for third-world countries that are now on the brink of survival.

With the air surrounded by fear, despair, and panic, not all is lost as relentless, self-motivated, creative, and confident entrepreneurs have risen up against the virus and presented amazing ideas to launch and grow pandemic-proof businesses that are guaranteed to return handsome ROI.

As a leading web design Dubai Company, we are committed to providing excellent services and pledging with businesses and brands that are future-focused despite the coronavirus. Let’s have a look at some of the most successful business ventures, trendsetters you can tap during these times without worrying about the pandemic since it has now become the new normal!

Pickup & Delivery

While different businesses are exploring all possible ways to conduct safe operations and reach out to their customers, pickup, and delivery services these days have become a life saviour.

This is one reason for the gradual rise in pickup delivery amidst the crisis. Irrespective of the nature and size of the business, you don’t need to venture too far and complex for a robust delivery management solution.

Online Education

Among the most affected business sectors is education as schools, universities and various other institutions are forced to shut down. However, they’re given the option to continue providing quality service in an uninterrupted way using digital/online medium.

Though not entirely a new concept, almost all education institutions around the world are now conducting online classes which resulted in high-demand for mobile apps thus taking convenience further.

The Online Education

Grocery Delivery

Fear of exposure to the virus keeps shoppers at home but then, the home stock wouldn’t last forever so eventually something has to be done. This is when online grocery stores come in and eventually became everyone’s favourite as people can now order all their essential groceries from the comfort of their home with an additional option to pay online or via cash on delivery.

From small neighbourhood stores to big chains and brands, almost everyone has jumped into the game, offering the convenience of online shopping.

Grocery Delivery

Online Pharmacy

Much like online grocery and ecommerce stores, pharmaceutical companies and medical suppliers are playing an essential role during these times by offering online delivery services. People who’re in quarantine or simply locked in doors to keep themselves and their families safe are unable to visit drug

Online Pharmacy

stores and/or certified pharmacies. As a solution, the service is being brought right at the doorstep as a responsibility allowing major pharmaceutical chains, businesses, and even small-time medical suppliers to provide full support to the people while helping in combating the deadly virus. Thereby medical delivery service is yet another lucrative business to go with!

Healthcare Consultation/Online Doctor

Online healthcare consultation and doctor apps have been around for a few years but their significance has never been realised or appreciated much as nowadays. Whilst in isolation, quality healthcare shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated which is why major hospitals, healthcare providers, doctors’ association and clinics are now offering online medical consultation.

Healthcare Consultation

Adding to it is the availability of mobile apps that can be downloaded and used anytime, anywhere. Quality healthcare and medical consultation is only a click away which makes this particular business a perfect choice and need of the time.


One of the biggest misconceptions of ecommerce businesses is that we relate them only to online shopping whereas, every service that benefits customers one way or another, which is however provided online falls into the category of ecommerce.

Most of the businesses across the world have now moved to digital operations and ecommerce providing uncompromised quality & uninterrupted service to their valued clients and customers thus taking ecommerce to a whole new level.


If you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up or even an established business, going digital is the key to survive these days while constantly coming up with creative, fresh ideas to beat competitors.

Fitness & Wellness

Fitness centres and gymnasiums are the worst to be affected during the pandemic as this particular business niche falls under public places. And while physically, one is unable to go to these places during the lockdown and even closure of the place, for instance, there shouldn’t be any compromise on staying fit!

Thanks to the many online fitness classes, mobile apps and personalised health plans for almost everyone and every age group, digital or e-gyms and wellness is among the most profitable and in-demand business of all time with a potential of tremendous growth.

Fitness & Wellness

Food Delivery

Let’s face it, life without your favourite outdoor food is unthinkable and coronavirus has kept everyone waiting for months. But thanks to official policies and safety procedures, many restaurants and food franchises are now open only to serve through doorstep delivery.

Though not new, the food delivery business has the potential to grow exponentially which makes it yet another superb addition to the most successful businesses during the pandemic.

Food Delivery

Website Design, Development, Digital Marketing

Now, this particular business or service has always been online, and yet there’s nothing to stop it from ruling the digital frontier! None other than website design, development, digital marketing, and all typical agency services, the business has experienced growth beyond imagine since most of the business industries are now shifting to online operations, the first thing they need is a good website that can be found on Google.

And with stricter rules and frequent algorithm changes, no one else can help you than a top web design Dubai agency by providing highly creative, super powerful, and profitable solutions for your business to take on the digital competition by storm.

Digital Marketing

United for a Brighter, Better, Safer Tomorrow These are unprecedented times for businesses all over the world. Only by providing quality service online can help in surviving the toughest situations of the modern age.

While the above ideas are tried and tested, there’re plenty of unlimited ideas and creative ventures to explore for businesses to remain successful during the COVID-19. Stay safe and serve well!

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