Enter the Multi-Service Business Instantly with a Gojek Clone Script

Gojek Clone Script

Instant entry into the Business World was a myth just half a decade back. But, with the evolution of the Gojek Clone App, the On-Demand Service Industry started booming.

More and more Entrepreneurs started investing in the Idea of offering a Multi-Service Platform to customers to book just any service instantly, at their fingertips! 

By Multi-Service, don’t think that the App only offers a couple or three Services! You won’t believe your ears, but this platform offers 70+ On-Demand Services. 

What’s more interesting is that the Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 has launched two additional components to the existing Service Basket! 

  1. Online Video Consultation wherein the Users can book Consultation over a Video Call with Doctors, Tutors, Yoga Trainers, Lawyers, and even Astrologers.
  2. Service Bidding where the users can post a task on the App regarding Handyman Jobs such as fixing wooden furniture, changing faucets, lighting installation, etc. Then, the relevant Service Providers can bid for the task and users can choose one of them that fits their budget, job requirements, and their scheduled time!

How to Enter the Multi-Service Delivery Industry with Gojek Clone App? 

Once you find the best White-Labeling Firm and get the App Customized, the next step will involve launching the App on the Play Stores! 

But what about beta-testing and market-testing the App? 

Well, you don’t have to worry about any testing for the App if you choose a Pre-built Solution from a Globally-Reputed White-Labeling Firm. The Firm would have already beta-tested the App for at least six months and market-tested for a year before launching it in the market! 

Once the Apps are submitted to the Play Stores using Entrepreneur’s Details, the Firm will continue to offer remarkable Support until the App gets Approved. In case the App Store rejects your Apps due to technical issues, the Firm will assure to solve the problem and get the App up on the Stores for Download.

Which On-demand Market can You Conquer with Gojek Clone? 

Online Taxi/Moto Booking 

Entrepreneurs can enter into the Online Taxi and Moto Booking Industry and help their Customers book a ride from X location to Y. With online booking services, the App also offers them Uber-like Taxi Rentals and Carpooling options. 

Online Ordering and Delivery of Goods from Store 

Your Customers can now order anything they desire online and select a contactless doorstep delivery service. Under this Service, the users can order Food, Groceries, Medicines, Flowers, Bottled Water, Cake, Ice-Cream, etc. 

Parcel Delivery 

By downloading and Installing the Gojek Clone App, the users can send parcels whether big or small to anywhere within the same city. Depending on the Parcel’s Weight and Size, users can choose the vehicle type they want to send their parcels in. 

These parcels can be sent to one destination or multiple with a single pickup location! 

On-Demand Service Providers 

The On-Demand Service Providers that can be hired via the App are Beauticians, Plumbers, Electricians, Car Washers, Babysitters, Tow Trucks, etc. The Users can book Instant On-Demand Services or Schedule them for a later Date and Time.  


Get the Super App that can help you establish a Multi-Service Business Instantly! Well, the time is right to offer At-Home Services to people who are still fear-stricken about going out or entering a crowded place like a Salon or Supermarket. 

Develop and launch On-Demand Multi-Service Gojek Clone App and become a Business Owner in a record 1 – 2 weeks! 

Aaron Diaz

Aaron Diaz is a technical writer of gojek app clone development company. He loves exploring new things and sharing write up skill with others. He has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry.

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