Offset Vs Digital Printing for Business Cards

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Are you the one who has recently launched his business or has already got a good setup and is looking for more updates and exclusive ways for the promotions and advertisement of your business?

Other than electronic marketing and advertisement, business cards for the purpose of marketing play a very significant role. It creates great opportunities and enhances personal networking and which results in better sales.

If you want your business to build a true brand identity, a solid networking plan plays a vital role in this. A great chain of personal relationships is created with the help of good-quality business cards.

Having business cards for your business enables your business to advertise in a highly personal form. It helps you get the key contact information directly into the hands of the client. Most important is its portability. Now a question rises what type of business card is better for this purpose.

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Two major kinds of business cards exist that are offset printing cards and digital printing cards.

What is an Offset Printing?

Lithography is the second name of offset printing. The newspapers that you see running through the big roles in videos that is basically offset printing.

It is an exclusive technology that consists of plates that are made up of aluminum material. Those plates shift the picture on a rubber blanket and then that picture is rolled on a sheet of paper.

In this procedure, the ink is not directly transferred to the paper and this is the sole reason that we call it to offset. Most people consider it the best choice including the business card printing Dubai because it is the most efficient when cards are needed in a bulk.

It has got an excellent and proper color reproduction and gives a very neat and professional printing. It generates four colors that are black, magenta, yellow, and cyan.

Advantages of Offset Printing:

This particular method of printing provides us with the following advantages:

  1. Quality Image: It produces a very reliable and superior quality image. It is best known for the clean, soft, and distinct production of pictures and writings without creating any streaks or distortion.
  2. Excellent Color Fidelity: This kind of printing produces the most correct and balanced colors as well as design. It has the function of mixing inks to get your required color. Most of the time it gets the exact color.
  3. Material: It can print quality images on any kind of surface or material. it works exceptionally well on all types of paper and cardboard.
  4. One Time Investment: In this particular type of business card printing at an initial stage you will be required to invest money on the plates, rubber, etc but once you have bought all the required material, it will be durable enough and will work for a long period.

Disadvantages of Offset Printing:

This kind of printing has a few drawbacks that are listed below:

  1. Expensive: It has an expensive set up and all its required items are very costly so if we consider low volume jobs, it has a very high cost.
  2. Delay Time: The plates need to be created before you can actually print over the rubber that creates a lot of delay and a longer time table.
  3. Detecting Errors: If you create an error while typing on a plate, this will run the whole batch and you won’t be able to detect the error and it will be harder to start everything all over again.

What is Digital Printing?

It is generally known as copying in an outdated way. Recently instead of creating a hard copy by copying one document, a digital print is obtained directly from the electronic files.

This helps to create short runs in the most random and constant manner. The digital printing that we get today is almost like offset printing. But still, offset printing works better on certain kinds of paper than digital printing does.

Digital printing does not contain any plates but uses toners but even larger printers use liquid ink. It gives a shiny look in case of a low quantity of orders. It is still used widely as much as offset printing because of its variable data capability. Digital proves the most beneficial when a unique code is needed for each print.

Inkjet and laserjet printer that you hook up to your PC is one example of the digital printers.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

  1. Turnaround Time: These printers are faster because they do not require much preparation time. They are almost in ready-to-use form all the time.
  2. Identical Print: Each paper has a different identity. This creates the minimum risk in case of a few odd variations that are mostly the result of an imbalance in the ink and water.
  3. Low Volume Jobs: It is the best if you have low quantity of prints to be made since it is a cheaper option.
  4. Ammendment in Information: If you have a single print job to be done it allows you to change information. This helps you to amend information differently in every print.

Disadvantages of Digital Printing:

The drawbacks of digital printing are listed below:

  1. Fewer Materials: There are very limited materials on which a digital print can be taken out. Most of the time it is a card or a paper that it supports.
  2. Less Color Fidelity: Since digital printing uses standard and usual inks this does not make it match all the colors required. It does not have an option of mixing inks but still do not match the actual custom color of the image.
  3. High Cost: In case you have very high volume job and things need to be printed in bulk, it is not suitable and will cost high.
  4. Lower Quality: Since digital printing is still in the state of improvement so they have a little lower quality and sharpness of printing as compared to offset.

How to Choose Between Digital vs Offset Printing?

To make your final decision you need to review the following things:

  • Volume: What is the capacity of the project?
  • Time: How much time have you got?
  • Material: What is the actual material you need to print on?
  • Colour: How sharp, how bright, what kind, and how real?


After all the detailed analysis, it is concluded by almost everyone that offset printing proves the best for the bulk of printing or low printing in all aspects but subsequently, it is a little more expensive than digital printing.

So is used more often by business card printing Dubai. Price, quality, color, paper, procedure, variable data, and speed are the basic factors that need to be kept in mind when you decide the type of printing you need for your business card.


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