How to Promote Your House Online and Sell It Faster

Promote Your House Online

By taking advantage of the benefits of the web and social network platforms you can easily promote the house you are selling in the best way possible.

Nowadays, every one of us has an active online presence and we use it to communicate with people, make purchases, sell goods, and, overall, be connected globally.

This opens a sea of possibilities to present the house you are selling to as many people as possible and prompting it to sell faster. The fact that over 90% of the people looking for a new home start their search online, speaks volumes about the importance and effectiveness of the net for the selling process.

However, it is not that easy to come on top of the countless offers on the net if you don’t know a few shortcuts. Hence, whether you are a realtor representing a seller or you are selling the house on your own, you can use the following tips to do it successfully and sell fast your property.

Visual Representation is Key

Visual Representation is Key

Posting information about the house that you are selling without providing photographs of the place will fall through the cracks of the web very fast. As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, providing photographs of the house will showcase its full potential and show its actual present appearance.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to take a few shots with your smartphone regardless of the fact that it is the latest model of technology.

You need some hero shots with a professional camera and perfect weather conditions to capture the whole beauty in the shot. The hero shot is especially important for the exterior of the house as it gives the closure look of the home.

A simple rule of thumb when making sure that you have the right photo is to crop out the sidewalks and streets. Also, the curb appeal should be on point.

When it comes to the interior, the photograph will show whether you sell the place with furnishings or not. If you are selling the place without furniture, you need to consider virtual furniture staging as a perfect solution for showcasing the rooms.

Actual staging will cost you much more money, time, and energy whereas virtual staging is the complete opposite. In fact, Evelyn Fred, who is a broker associate at Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty and has used virtual staging services to successfully promote and sell three properties, says:

“Virtual staging is a lot less headache. It’s quick, with more bang for the buck. It’s a no-brainer for clients to invest the extra three or four hundred bucks.”

It is a service provided by virtual staging designers who transform a vacant place into a fully furnished place according to a preferred design by the hirer.

A disclaimer must be put, though, as potential buyers need to be aware that the place is not sold with the items inside, instead, they only show what can be done with the place. Also, it will help them to envision living there easily.

Once the photographs of the vacant place are digitally done, they are ready to be published on the net.

Using All the Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Once the visual material is ready it should be posted on every social media platform and target the people that is most likely to buy the property. For example, Facebook uses a target advertising system so that it connects the right people with the things they are looking to buy.

For example, if the house that is selling is appropriate for a small family, then it will target newlyweds that have recently updated their relationship status.

It is important to be present on the social media as people are online and easy to reach all the time and even if the advertisement gets to people who don’t need to buy a house, these people might know others that do. Being connected 24/7 on a global scale is a serious advantage of online selling.

Make Virtual Tours Possible

Another, and maybe the most powerful method to convince potential buyers to buy the house, is to offer a virtual tour of the house. Virtual tours will show a 360-degree view of the whole property and it would feel like you are right there in person.

Virtual tours are part of every big real estate agency’s website promotion and the houses that can be toured virtually are usually the first to be sold.

This is due to the fact that it enables the potential buyer to take a look at every angle of the house without having to get out of their home and waste time and money to get there in person. Virtual tours are a real saviour in terms of efficiency.

Bottom Line

Promoting your house online is the first and most important step you need to make if you want to sell it fast. All the factors that influence the process of selling are determined by the ways the promotion is done in the first place.


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