6 Reasons You Should Be Using Pinterest for Business

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From Pinterest, many businesses drive most of their website traffic and you might be wondering if you can get the same traffic for your brand too. If you’re not using Pinterest to market your services or products then you are missing out on many things.

Each platform has its own demographics that can guide your marketing strategy but there are lots of advantages to having a Pinterest business account.

For marketing, Pinterest presents businesses of all sizes as a visual search engine. For exposing new potential customers to your brand, Pinterest is a great platform.

You gain access to a lot of Pinterest advantages when you create Pinterest for a business account. Read this blog before you start pinning and know more about using Pinterest for your business.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

A set of strategies that include Pinterest in your business’s bigger social media tactics is said to be Pinterest marketing. To grow awareness and reach a new audience for your brand products, Pinterest marketing is important. Simply, you can use Pinterest to grow your business and help your brand to reach a wider audience.

If your business targets the same demographic then the Pinterest platform can be a rewarding one. Pinterest is becoming more popular among men and Gen-Z as a report of 2021. On Pinterest, more than 80% of users found new products or brands on the platform. According to statistics, both the number of users and creators on Pinterest has been increasing day by day.

Benefits of Using Pinterest for Business

Here are some amazing benefits of using Pinterest for business that you should utilize irrespective of your business type.

1. Converts More Users Into Buyers

From searching to conversion, Pinterest helps to decrease the number of steps making it easier for users to get directly to the source. As compared to other social media platforms, users will directly convert into leads faster.

Pinterest is almost a big visual search engine that will help people to get desired search results. During the research phase of any planning, users often turn to Pinterest.

2. Pinterest Can Attract More Traffic

From your Pinterest profile, you can drive more traffic to your business website. More than any other social media platform, this tool can effectively steer traffic back to the website.

Pinned images over Pinterest are easily searchable and pinners are keen to save them to their boards. Also, you can use social media aggregator tools like Tagembed’s Pinterest widget. Through this, you can attract more traffic to your website.

3. High User Engagement

To simply find and share things with a small group of people, users on Pinterest seem higher. For businesses and brands, this is a great sign because your pins are more likely to be touched, seen, or go viral.

For such high engagement, the main reason is due to the visual content available on Pinterest. For example, one can easily scan hundreds of images but it is a little difficult to go through hundreds of texts.

4. Optimizing Pins for SEO

Pinterest is also a search engine, ensure that your business pins are easy to find in search. You need to include keywords in hashtags, in Pins description, and on boards. Rich Pins are designed in such a way that your new content will be pinned from your business’s website. You need to avoid duplicate content so that your brand’s Pinterest SEO can be boosted.

5. Learn What Your Audience Loves

To discover trends, Pinterest is an amazing place. You can easily learn what people love to share from fashion to marketing and beyond. To see what inspires your followers you can follow them.

This will provide you the opportunity to discover what is trending today so you can use this information to position your products and offers. By leveraging this social media platform to drive leads, traffic, and sales, brands are receiving their first-mover advantage.

6. Integrate Pinterest With Your Other Social Media Profiles

Connectivity is the most important factor for the success of social media websites. Pinterest is now connected with Facebook and permits users to automatically embed pinterest board post new pins to their Facebook news feeds.

The images you post to Pinterest will get a wider audience from other channels. As of now Pinterest only connects with Facebook profiles, not with Facebook pages, marketers are required to manually share the link to the pin on their business page. Businesses can add a Pin It button to their websites so visitors can see visual content more easily.

How to Use Pinterest for Business?

Here are some tips to use Pinterest for businesses listed below:

1. Share Inspiring, Creative, And Actionable Pins

Pinterest is a platform that is used for sharing pictures and inspiring ideas. You are required to create and share visually engaging pins if you want to succeed on Pinterest. As per Pinterest, successful pins draw users’ attention and make them want to learn more.

2. Spot Trending Trends

One of the top platforms where customers share products, trends, and designs that they are loving, Pinterest is the number one. Whatever content to pin or what your next product should be, Pinterest trends can help you decide.

3. Follow the Metrics

Many thriving Pinterest marketing strategies are data-driven. Measuring, analyzing, and tracking key Pinterest metrics and audience behavior helps marketers to see what content performs best and which content is less engaging.

4. Create Group Boards and Participate In

A collaborative board owned by one person who can add others to contribute to it is said to be a Group Board. If you’re working on a project or planning a big event then it is a great source because various people can look at the boards and pin ideas. Getting your pins in front of a lot of people is an easy way because more people follow group boards.

Final Note

For displaying visual information about products and services and linking those to your business, Pinterest is an amazing platform. For small businesses to get started, Pinterest makes it easy.

To ensure that you’re creating the right content to attract and convert viewers into customers, use Pinterest’s trend reports, analytics, and other features.


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