Seven Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Cars Instead of New Ones

Buy Used Cars

If you are looking to change your old car, then purchasing a new vehicle would be an ideal choice.

They are more comfortable, provide you with the latest features, and are easy to finance. On the other side, they would be the most expensive thing on your payroll, and one has to consider their financial health to buy a brand-new car.

Buying a second-hand car will save you a lot of money along with providing the comfort you are looking at. Later, when you have enough money in your bank, we are sure you will buy the car of your dreams. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should buy used cars in Canada.

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1. The Value of a New Car Depreciates Much Faster Than You Think

So, you are all excited to get a new car and have a feeling the value will only depreciate once it starts getting a year old. The truth is the moment you take your car for the first ride, the value begins declining! So, if we calculate, new cars have a faster rate of depreciation than old cars.

So, if you think you can get the exact value back after a month and want to change your mind, let us remind you that the value already depreciated when you finished your first ride in the car.

2. It Saves You Lots of Money

When the value has to depreciate anyway, why buy a new car? If you think you don’t have the finances yet, don’t put yourself into a problem like this. In the excitement of buying a new car, you don’t want to get sad at the end of every month until the installments are over.

You must also know that it is not a one or two-time thing. You will have to pay an installment for years and control all your spending according to it.

3. Less Stressing About the Formalities

Buying a new car involves a lot of stress like paperwork, registration, taxes, financing, etc. Choosing an old car will save you from all the mess that you hate to get in. The dealers, in most cases, will take care of all the paperwork related to the car.

Buying an old car will never give you the stress of scratches and dents. Just imagine getting the car out of the showroom, and the moment you step outside, you face a dent because of someone who was not watching the road. How depressing would that be?

4. You Save Sales Tax

Depending on the state you live in, every new car has to pay a sales tax similar to registration fees. Some places don’t attract sales tax from used cars, which is how you can save another thousand dollars on your car. Well, buying a used car has more benefits than a new one.

Everything is so easy and comfortable for you to understand. But we are sure once you get the budget for it, you will try and buy a new one!

5. You Get to Choose from a Bundle of Models

You get to select from a variety of cars because they all fit in your budget. If it would have been an old car, the possibility of a considerable variety was next to impossible. We are sure you don’t want to select the car you don’t like just because you won’t have the budget to buy your favorite one.

6. Don’t worry about the condition just because it says it used

Well, you would be astounded to know that used cars don’t always mean a year or above of usage. Some people buy a car and end up selling it to a dealer just after a week or even a month. So, if those cars fit in your budget, how does it make a difference? You get a new car at a lesser price just because it’s a week old. We think that should work, right?

7. Get Easily Financed 

The best thing about used cars is that you get easily financed for them. The dealer offering you to buy used cars in Canada will usually help you finance the car. They will give you good advice, and we suggest you discuss with them if you are facing a problem with anything.

They might settle on your budget if you try to bargain. Buying a new car might have a lot of benefits, one of them being the status symbol. Trust us, no one will ask about your new car two months from the day you buy. It will get difficult to pay all the bills at one time when you have a huge car EMI to pay.

While if you buy used cars in Canada, you don’t get to deal with all these issues, and the dealer half does even the paperwork. So, did you decide yet?


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