9 Tips for Eco-Friendly Apartment Living

Eco-Friendly Apartment Living

Because of the pursuits of the Sustainable Development Goals, a compilation of 17 visions that serve as a baseline in achieving a more sustainable future for everyone, the United Nations urged the citizens of the world to make every conscious effort in supporting and carrying out the cause.

The past years exposed us to several go green, eco-friendly, or sustainability trends. This has shaped individual behavior and, more importantly, the conduct of our daily lives that we all can benefit from in the future.

Sustainable living has been lauded in social media. This influenced most people to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Bringing of own water tumbler, using own utensils to eat, minimizing carbon footprints, making use of solar energy – it is almost as if everyone, in such a way, participates and promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

Relatively, according to Forbes (2019), seventy-seven percent of people manifested interest in learning more about the environment and sustainability. The desire of this many people simply gives us a good insight that more individuals are wanting to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. For first-timers, or those planning to transition, we suggest you start at home with these hacks:

Shop Smartly

Buying or selling furniture is mostly done online nowadays. For cheaper items and some cool finds, you might want to spend an entire afternoon scouring through different buy and sell platforms to get the furniture you want at a low price and with a good cause. You do not want to buy brand new stuff as this is one of the biggest causes of overall pollution and waste.

Check Your Outdoor Space

And ensure that you have an organized trash bin that separates bio and non-bio items. Proper waste disposal is a requirement in living eco-friendly. While you are at it, take a look around. There might be an open space where the sun shines any time of the day.

Try making an herb garden of your own from simple pots or recyclable cans. If you had a fun time, you can elevate your gardening skills by growing vegetables next time. 

Switch to Solar or At Least, Use Your Appliances Wisely

As much as you can, try looking for solar alternatives. It might entail costs at first but it can make a difference in terms of reducing carbon footprints and savings. LED lights are a smart option too. If these are challenging, at least use each appliance wisely. Do not run the washing machine, or the dishwasher, if it is not full. Conserve energy.

Use Natural or Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Research on how to make cleaning products from organic household items. White vinegar and baking soda are popularly known for this purpose, too. When you avoid bringing in harmful chemicals to your household, it can do your house good by improving air quality.

Avoid Clutter and Recycle

Did you know that a cluttered room is linked to unproductivity? Yes, so if you want to up your lifestyle and game, your surroundings need to be clean. Unleash your inner Marie Kondo by organizing your closet and giving out any household items that you do not benefit from anymore to charity.

Repurpose items and give them to others as gifts. There are so many ways to get rid of or dispose of clutter, you just have to give each item up and break the cycle of saving, keeping, and lying each item down.

Let There be No Room for Single-Use Items

Plastic ends up in our oceans. To avoid this, take the lead in shifting to reusable items. Keep your hands off plastic straws. spoons and forks and use bamboo alternatives instead. Plastic bags can be replaced with eco-bags.

Try shopping for mason jars where you can put dry goods, spices, or even hand and dish soaps. This way, you are saving the world by eliminating your use of plastic.

Fix Everything That Needs It Asap

Excessive and unnecessary energy or water mostly comes from broken items such as a broken switch for lights and leaky faucets. Speak with your landlord kindly for repairs so you are spared from growing your monthly bills uncontrollably. After all, it is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure that everything within the property is functioning properly.

Make Compost

Put your food scraps in one container and make compost for your herb garden. Banana peels, coffee grounds, and vegetable skins are popular for being compostable. Your herb garden will flourish with these while gaining brownie points in leveraging your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Participate in Various Volunteer Activities.

Or host activities that promote eco-friendly or sustainable living. Buy stuff from your local community for support. Turn off your lights during earth hour.  There are tons of things to make it happen. For every discovery or experience, share it and inspire your friends to do the same so you can make a rippling effect from your good deed.

Climate change and other environmental issues have been discussed from various platforms and this made a positive effect on people by soliciting their participation even within the four corners of their homes and while many would be immediately discouraged because they are only renting and fear that it is very little they could do, these tips can make big differences in the overall landscape.


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