Tips to Find Genuine Accounting Service Firms in Singapore and their Benefits

Accounting Service Firms

To streamline your business accounting works, you better take the services of a genuine accounting service agency in the industry.

If you are running a small business in Singapore, you will find the best avenue to manage the company’s accounting, financial, bookkeeping, income tax filing, GST registration and filing, and lots more works with help of a genuine accounting service firm.

The Singapore government also emphasizes the growth of small and foreign businesses and is providing good relaxation on income tax, GST tax, and other financial benefits for small enterprises. But, there are still some accounting norms for all SMEs in Singapore that they have to follow up according to ACRA or Accounting and Corporate Regularity Authority and IRAS or Inland Revenue Authority Singapore.

So, if your business is lacking accounting works and needs the assistance of professionals, you should take advantage of professional SME accounting service firms in Singapore and manage all accounting works of business easily.

To get quality and authentic accounting services for businesses in Singapore, you need to search for a reliable accounting service firm first. For this, you need to take a look at some tips as follows:

1. Check Credentials

For secure and reliable accounting services, you first need to find a genuine accounting service firm in Singapore. For this, you should better check the credential and authentication proofs of an accounting firm such as its registration number or license, official site, experience level, address, contact details, and so on.

Moreover, you can check with online reviews, reputation, clients’ feedbacks, and service track record of accounting agency that should be excellent too. Make sure, you find an accounting service agency good in all departments and has a good reputation in the industry for serving valued accounting services for SME to large level companies in Singapore.

2. Accreditation with ACRA and IRAS

You should deal with an accounting service firm in Singapore, which has genuine accreditation certificates or proofs with ACRA and IRAS authorities in the country. Every accounting service agency in Singapore needs to follow the accounting rules of such authorities without fail.

Hence, the clients’ will rest assured to get legal solutions for all sorts of accounting works for business as per the standard Commerce statuary board of Singapore and get their accounting, taxation, and financial planning works done as per their rules.

3. Experienced Accounting Professionals

It makes good sense if you find the right SME accounting service company in Singapore which has the power of skilled accounting professionals in the industry. However, the agency can serve you with quality accounting services for businesses as per standard rules of ACRA and IRAS authorities.

Also, the expert charted accountants at agencies will do the right calculation of income tax, GST tax, and other financial planning work with perfection.

Moreover, the accounting staff at agencies will do a good audit of the client’s business and will calculate the right taxes and can plan to secure them too. Thus, you will find the benefit of professional accountants at the top-notch accounting service firms in Singapore to get total accounting solutions for business.

4. Reviews of Satisfied Clients

It is significant to check with online reviews of clients of accounting service agencies for the sorts of accounting services offered to them by the agency. For instance, you need the right audit service of the company, you should consider the services of a professional audit firm in Singapore.

Make sure, you check with reviews of the company’s prior clients about audit services offered to their firms. If you find all comments and feedbacks of clients satisfactory or good, then you can take a chance with the agency, otherwise, avoid. Similarly, you can check with the reviews of other accounting services at the agency like bookkeeping, income tax filing, GST calculation, etc., and ensure they are also good.

5. Accounting Service Charges

In the end, you should compare the charges of all accounting services offered by the agency that should be reasonable too.

If you will keep all the above points in mind, you will surely find the right SME accounting service firm in Singapore to get complete accounting solutions for your business.

Benefits of Hiring Accounting Service Agency in Singapore

It is a smart step to outsource the accounting works of your small business to the reputed accounting service agencies in Singapore. It will give an edge to small traders to save precious time and money to invest to learn other business growing techniques or technologies.

Also, it will assure you to get quality rich accounting services that will be based upon rules of ACRA and IRAS authorities. Let’s take a more brief about benefits of accounting service firms as follows:

1. Easy Calculation and Filing of Income Tax

You are unable to calculate the right taxable amount of company, you should outsource the whole accounting work to the leading accounting service firm in Singapore. The agencies will manage to do the best calculation of income tax (17%), transactions, and annual expenses of the company and will file for the same on time to the government too. All the accounting works and calculations will be done as per ACRA rules and the documentation process will also be handled by the accounting professionals of the agency.

2. GST Registration and Filing

For hassle-free Singapore company GST registration service, you can rely upon the trusted accounting service firms, as they specialize in filing GST registration for all level companies in Singapore. Also, you will get total solutions for goods and service tax (7%) calculation and filing with help of top-accounting service companies in Singapore. Thus, it enables SMEs to large level enterprises to file and pay GST taxes to the government on time.

3. Accuracy and Reliability

It is another benefit that you can expect from the best accounting service firms in Singapore. Most licensed accounting service companies in Singapore will provide you with accuracy for all sorts of accounting works like tax calculation and filing, GST filing, financial statements, bookkeeping, tax planning, etc.

The accountants at the agencies have expertise in calculating the right taxes of a client’s company using relevant accounting software and will get actual tax results for businesses. Also, you will get assurance for the reliability of securing confidential data, records, and financial details of the client’s business and will not disclose them to anyone. Thus, you can rely on the committed services of the licensed accounting service firms in Singapore.

4. Accounting Professionals to Hire

If you are wondering to find professionals for company audits, you may approach the genuine accounting or audit firms in Singapore. You will get assured right audit of the company’s finance and annual expenses as per standard rules of ACRA.

The audit experts in Singapore will do the right calculation of the company’s transactions, investments, and profits earned by the business in the year. Hence, you can rely on the skills of the best accounting or audit service companies in Singapore.

Thus, above are some major benefits that you will experience by dealing with genuine accounting service agencies in Singapore.


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