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Tips to Improve Your Business Premises

A business’s premises can say a lot about a business and can affect how both your customers and employees will see you.

Security is also vital when it comes to a business’s premises. Following through this guide will give you tips in each of these three different areas to help out your business!


Making sure that you look after your employees is vital to ensuring that your business will continue to run efficiently, and you will retain employees.

Have a Rest Area

Having an area where your employees can go to take their break is very important. Allowing your employees to relax and have an area to go on both their lunch breaks and any other breaks can increase both their mental wellbeing and how efficiently they work.

If your employees have no areas to go and eat at their desks it can feel like they are still working rather than taking a break. It is also shown that if employees eat at their desk, they are more likely to continue to work rather than take a break.

Have Good Hospitality Facilities

Having some good hospitality facilities are another important element of your premises for your employees. By good hospitality facilities, we mean a kitchen area that includes the basic things like a fridge a kettle and a microwave.

While this may seem basic, there are some premises that will not contain these devices. These devices allow employees to bring in their own food and have the ability to store it and warm it up if need be.

Make Sure Your Heating is Working

No one likes to sit in a cold office, so making sure your heating is working is very important for your premises. Just like with your home, you should look to get your boiler serviced once a year, to make sure that any problems are caught early on and they can be repaired before any serious damage is done. However, if you find that you do need a boiler replacement to make sure that you use a gas safe registered installer. 

Install a Suggestions Box

Installing a suggestion box into your business can be a great way to show your employees that you care about their opinions. A suggestion box will allow your employees to remain anonymous while still putting forward suggestions to the company.

Reviewing the suggestions once a month can be a great way to implement any changes that your employees feel may be necessary.


Making sure you make the best first impression on customers is vital for both customer retention in the long run and winning new business. So, making their first impression as good as possible is vital!

Building Presentation

Making sure that your premises look appealing from the outside is an important first step. Make sure that you have any landscapes around your business well maintained and looking cared for. This can give off a good impression to a potential new customer.

Making sure to fix any broken guttering or if you have got chipping paint or masonry hire someone to take care of this. These will make your business look more professional and cared for. 

Improve Your Business Sign

This is a very important aspect of your business premises. Your sign says a lot about your business. It is both a way for customers to recognise where your business premises are and to also show off your business itself.

If you have a sign that is starting to get chipped paint or letters becoming faded, then this could give off the feeling that you are a company that does not care. While this may seem, superficial this is how customers will feel.

Greet Your Customers

Having a nice entrance to your business’s building is just the start, making an impression once a customer is inside is the next step. If you are a brick-and-mortar store selling products, make sure that you have your products laid out for easy access and have your isles marked with which products are where.

If you are an office that is looking to win some new B2B clients, make sure that you have a nice waiting area and comfy seats where a potential new customer can wait to be greeted.

Meeting Rooms

This is mainly for B2B companies or companies that are looking to deal with private information. If you are meeting with a potential new customer and may be discussing things like revenue or private information, then meetings rooms are essential.

Having a meeting area that is both private and comfortable can go towards making customers feel happy to discuss private or business information with you. 


Finally, security. Improving your businesses security will give you that piece of mind that you sometimes need. While also protecting anything of value or importance you leave in your premises.

Install an Alarm

Most business premises should already have an alarm installed. However, some premises may not have an alarm installed or an old alarm that may be on its way out. If this is the case getting an alarm installed is the most important thing that you can do.

Having an alarm can act as a direct link to the authorities or a security company and will alert them to an intruder. It can also act as an initial deterrent that may put off potential intruders or thieves.

Install New Locks on Windows and Doors

Once you have installed your alarm, you will want to look at upgrading the locks on your premise’s windows and doors. You will want to go for modern and functioning locks. If you can get locks that limit the amount that a window can open without rough force that could trigger your alarm is advised.

Make sure to do checks on your locks every so often to make sure that you can promptly replace any that look to be wearing out or broken. 

Make Sure Doors are Locked

While this seems like a simple one, it is surprising how often doors get left open after the last person out of the premises, especially in some shared office spaces. If this has been an issue inside your office premises before making sure to have signed on the door to remind the last person out of the office to lock the door.

Have a Place to Store High Value Items

Finally, having a place to store your high-value items when there is no one on the business premises can make a real difference to security. By having any valuable items locked away in a safe, if there are any potential thieves or intruders, they may be put off by not having easy access to anything valuable.

Following through this guide will hopefully have given you some great ideas of what you can add to your business premises to upgrade your security and make it better for both your customers and employees.


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