Tips to Maintain a Good Work-Life-Balance When Working from Home

Good Work-Life-Balance

At this trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping a fair balance of your professional and personal life has become more challenging than ever.

While this juggle can be taxing, its need is given more emphasis now due to the impending threat of the Coronavirus disease. Majority of the entire world have resorted to remote work and have been required to go digital.

With the sudden shift, the payload of the regular mom and or dad has been resized to a larger degree. Moms have made themselves a teacher by default – helping their kids navigate and review for their e-learning classes.

Dads by de facto have also turned themselves into instant chefs, housekeepers, laundrymen or even dishwashers. These are on top of their financial obligations and other errands while working from home. We know, just the thought of it all is already even hard to process.

Work means everything to the household. It keeps the house and its members afloat. Although sometimes, because of our extreme pursuit to success, we tend to neglect our own well-being. A lot of people realize, recognize and acknowledge it but most do not since the stressed is within the stressor (home, that is).

Practicing a work-life balance is critical if we want to improve our physical, emotional and mental well-being as well as our career in terms of productivity and efficiency.

The perfect work-life balance has tremendous positive benefits: mitigating stress, decreased risk of burnout and over-all, a greater sense of well-being. In short, you do not lose your sanity. To help you get through the challenges of working from home and not forget to live a little, here is your “to follow” list.

challenges of working from home

Draw a Line between Work and Home

Your time management skills need to be assessed here. Just like being at work physically, you need to focus and do everything within the timeframe you prescribe to yourself. Do not mix work and house chores altogether – this is the number one mistake most workers from home make.

You can lose your momentum, focus, and motivation if you let yourself get distracted. Also, imagine the time spent preparing for an irrelevant task than going back and figuring out where you last left off with your work.

Innovate Ways

Yes, come up with a new and exciting way to deliver your job. Better yet, find smart ways to get the job done fast, easy but accurately so you don’t have to work as much. It could be perfecting your keyboarding skills, familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts to the programs or software you use, or simply practicing the art of task accumulation in which you wrap up the least urgent task the last or before the end of the week. With this, you can finish early and provide for more quality time with your family.

Innovate Ways

Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated.

Food affects your mood. Adapting a clean and balanced diet ups your healthy lifestyle game. In this time of the pandemic, people have continuously lauded different food trends. The emergence of plant-based meals gained popularity and has yielded great results to those who already made the big switch. These meals are sure to make you equally happy without the guilt. Healthy food is a good source of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to combat illnesses and well, the bad mood.

Love Breaks

A diversion of mood, attention, scene or pace does great effects for your total mental health. It could be a nap break, a water break, a lunch break or a 15-minute mental health break. A few minutes should be able to make you regain the energy and willpower. At night, allow yourself to be fully rested. Essential oils, a salt lamp and fresh linen can be put to good use in this part. Sleep well and make the most out of it.

Love Breaks

Get Physical

Practicing an active and healthy lifestyle is a great way to alleviate stress. It also boosts your immune system, improves your sleep and prevents weight gain from the inevitable extra carbs.

You can take virtual fitness classes and e-meet new friends or just simply mow the lawn and wash the car. Things that make your heart pump, in a healthy way, can yield you great benefits.

Make Time for Chardonnay o’ Clock

Celebrate small wins! It could be a successful attempt to beat the deadline, a simple “nice work!” from your boss – anything done with the heart and effort is truly worth celebrating. A glass of wine is a great accompaniment to all forms of accomplishment.

Celebrate small wins

By doing these tips you are sparing yourself from the threats of a burn out. Break free from the stress while you equally enjoy your work and life! Mental health is as important as your wealth.

No matter where you are working from, home or workplace, switching roles and serving demands brought about by your career and daily life, limits still have to be set.

When you have taken the time to look at yourself and assess and fulfill your intangible needs, you can change the course of your life, point it to the right direction and find the ultimate work-life balance that is ideal for you.


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