Is Travel and Tourism Management a Good Career Choice?

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There is an old saying that goes, “to see the unseen and know the unknown is humanity’s greatest dream”.

Tourism is a sector that will never run out of business because of the simple fact that human nature would always have the primal instinct to go to unknown places and see the beautiful experiences on offer at various corners across the globe.

And this has made tourism and travel one of the most profitable and lucrative businesses in existence today. Without any further deliberation let us take a quick look into some of the best career prospects a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management has on offer today.

Travel Consultant

This one is virtually a no-brainer. As the world gets busier by the minute, very few people have time to do exhaustive research before traveling somewhere to figure out the best possible itinerary. This is where travel consultants come in.

Confidence and communication skills are the keystones in a travel consultant’s profile. Good selling and language skills coupled with a working knowledge of basic geography, foreign exchange rates, and CRS (Computer Reservation System) will ensure that you succeed as a travel consultant.

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Event Manager

Gone are the days when families and friends used to come together to organize and host family events. Nobody has the time these days. Event managers have stepped up to fill this gap.

From weddings to birthday parties, anniversaries to funerals, event managers these days are entrusted with any and every party or event that is needed to be hosted. And as people will never run out of reasons to celebrate, neither would event managers run out of jobs. 

Cruise Manager

One of the most lucrative jobs available in this line, the job of a cruise manager feels like a dream job for a lot of people, even from other backgrounds. From organizing events to taking care of guests to doing administrative or clerical work, a cruise manager’s job encompasses looking after almost everything on a cruise, including the safety and contentment of the passengers. Due to the high intensity of work, the pay for this job is quite lucrative.

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Tour Guide

The internet is a great place to get to know everything. But nobody wants to be on google all the time to try and figure out each and every detail of a place they are visiting. This is where tour guides step in and offer a seamless travel experience with their knowledge of the surroundings and its history.

Tour guides add a human touch to the information that is otherwise available on the internet. And in today’s digital world, the human touch can be very important for a proper travel experience. 

Hospitality and tourism management is an ever-growing field with a large plethora of prospective career options. Aside from the ones listed above adventure tourism expert, operations manager, ground attendant, and visitor information manager are some of the other avenues that a degree in hospitality and tourism management would open up for you.


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