3 Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in Your Business

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Everyone knows they need to do more to protect the environment in their own personal lives, and a lot of the time we do our best to make that happen.

Yet if you run a business, you might not have considered how to make your business just as eco-friendly as your home.

In fact, you might not have thought this was very important at all, but that would be a mistake. Not only is it your duty to take care of the planet as a business owner just as much as an individual, but it could also be good for business.

Buyers are becoming more interested in those businesses that can prove they are making the best efforts to be green. If you can do the same, your profits could well improve. With all this in mind, here are some ways your business can be more eco-friendly.

Recycle Electronics

At some point, the electronics you have in your business will need to be replaced. This could be a desktop computer or monitor, a laptop, a printer, a tablet, or anything else. In the past, you might just have thrown the item that was no longer working out with the trash and bought a replacement. However, that’s bad for the environment, and there is an alternative.

The best thing you can do is to recycle old electronics. There are many places that will take them, even if they’re not working, and some will even collect them from you. They will fix them up and donate them to schools, shelters, and charities, for example.

To make things even better, instead of buying something new, why not considered refurbished monitors or laptops instead? You’re saving money and you’re preventing more from being added to landfills.

Reduce The Commute

One of the biggest problems for the planet is the pollution from vehicles. If you can reduce that in your business, you’ll be doing a lot to be more eco-friendly, and there are a number of options.

To begin with, you could start a carpool so that fewer vehicles are on the road. Or you could implement a cycle-to-work scheme where you provide bikes and various incentives. If people have to drive because they live far away, could you offer them a loan buy switch to an electric car? You could certainly buy electric vehicles to have in your fleet if you need one.

Finally, you could cut the commute altogether. By turning to a remote working model, you’ll reduce the need for vehicles on the road even more and you’ll also save money on rent and utilities. Plus, your employees’ health, job satisfaction, and work-life balance – not to mention productivity – will all increase.

Plant Shrubs and Trees

We need shrubs and trees as part of our ecosystem as they help to purify the air from pollution. Therefore, the more you can plant, the greener your business can be.

You don’t have to plant them outside your office building – unless there is room, in which case that could be an ideal solution. You can join a scheme where trees are planted for every donation a customer makes, or where some of your profits go at the end of every month.

Make sure your customers know that you do this, and you can generate even more help for the environment.


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