Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Business Survive COVID-19

Starting an Online Business

The coronavirus pandemic is changing our lives and transforming business operations. This is a frightening moment for business owners about the health of staff and clients.

With worry about upcoming bills, declining income, and family obligations, relying on a virtual assistant is the only solution.

Enlisting the service of a VA allows planning and prepare your business for growth and success. Here are ways the VA can make your business survive COVID-19.

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Communicating with your Customers

In this trying moment, you have to communicate effectively with your customers. This allows assuring them about their safety and health while ensuring them a safe shopping experience. The virtual assistant helps in communicating your extra precautions to keep your business disinfected and clean. Through live chat and phone calls, the VA communicates to customers your effort at promoting social distancing.

Announcing New Services or Products you’re Offering

Since people are strongly advised to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, smart business owners have to become innovative. This allows coming up with new services or products to keep afloat. Now is a great moment to offer home delivery or encourage curbside delivery to limit the number of people entering your store.

Doing this allows you to continue to serve customers to their benefit without your sales dwindling. Support virtual assistants from trusted virtual assistant companies to share news about new business offerings on websites and social media. Apart from your regular products, you can begin selling face masks now that everyone is using them.   

Updating Website or Social Media Information

If you have spent quite some time without updating your website, now is the ideal moment. Hire a VA to look at your website for any typos, employees who quit or were fired, and articles no longer relevant. Now that everyone is staying home 24/7, there is a lot of online traffic.

A complete overhaul of your website by an SEO assistant to make it look more professional is a worthy investment. This allows getting exposure even after this crisis is over.

Adjusting your Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar manages the publication of content for your social media accounts and email newsletters. Now is a great moment to hire a marketing virtual assistant to avail your customers with COVID-19 informative and valuable content.

This builds your credibility and loyalty by portraying how much you care for them. An updated editorial calendar allows the planning of engaging marketing material to support the promotion of services or products relevant to the current situation. 

Attracting More Traffic to Your Website

Since the WHO and CDC are strongly advising people to stay home, businesses are relying on their websites more than ever. Getting more from your website requires adding fresh and relevant content. This allows visitors to appreciate your solution-focused content to make them order your product or service. Virtual assistants do various tasks to attract more traffic to your site including:

  • Lead generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Support team assistance
  • Keyword-rich content for SEO

Growing Social Media Following

People are self-isolating but spending more time online than ever before. This is the only way to stay connected to the outside world. People are spending about 20 percent of their time on social media apps liking and commenting on posts. This presents an opportunity to boost your business by messaging people who like or comment on your posts.

A social media marketing assistant will keep your social media accounts highly active. This allows you to make your brand visible and helpful while making new business connections and giving customers a human connection to the outside world. Undertaking social media campaigns and offering home delivery allows you to generate sales if you can fulfill customer orders.

Performing Competitive Research

There is stiff competition as every business is striving for survival amid the pandemic. The best way to stay ahead of your game is by undertaking competitive research regardless of the size of your business. Investing in studying your competitors allows discover how they message customers or engage customers on social media.

It also allows understand your strengths and weaknesses. A social media marketing assistant is your best bet with the appropriate experience and expertise to study the competition on your behalf. This allows formulate strategies to make your business take advantage of competitors’ weaknesses to boost your sales. 

Sharing the Love

Use this difficult moment to strengthen the relationship with your customers and other people who matter in your business. This is a moment to tell your friends, family, partners, mentors, and vendors how you appreciate them and wish they stay safe. A virtual assistant can help your business stay engaged by sharing love. This is a wonderful way to keep your sales alive and boost brand loyalty amid COVID-19.

Bottom line

The uncertain and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic is slowing business operations. Smart business owners are thinking, reviewing, and planning for their growth and success.

Finding a reputable agency for a virtual assistant avails handy support to boost dwindling sales while keeping yourself, staff, and customers safe.


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