Where to Find Modern Commercial Planters for Your Home

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When looking to buy furnishings for your home, commercial planters may not be the first choice on your list, but maybe they should. This is because commercial planters can create an inviting atmosphere, more particularly when they have bright beautiful flowers and unique plants placed in them.

In a study conducted at Harvard University together with the General Hospital in Massachusetts, it was discovered that respondents in the study became a lot happier and energized after setting their eyes on flowers in the morning. In addition, this research uncovered that participants stayed happy throughout the day because of this.

If you’ve been looking for advice on where to find and place a modern commercial planter for your home, you’ve come to the right place. 

Finding the Right Kind of Commercial Planter 

Based on your home’s needs, you’ll have to choose carefully from various kinds of planters to arrive at an option that will work best for you.

Commercial planters like PureModern’s are planters made from concrete and are one of the heaviest. They last longer, protect plants, and are very hard to steal. So if you’re a person who’d like to move their plants around often, then concrete planters will not work well for you due to how difficult they are to move around.

In most cases, they need a forklift to shift it. So be sure to check shipping arrangements properly, because big commercial planters for your home may require specific requirements.  

Planters Made From Fibre Glass

Fiberglass planters are lighter and quick to move, making them a more viable option for your home. These types of commercial planters are usually used in landscape design and often come in versatile shapes and colors and have gloss, faux stone, or matte finishes. Even though they are lightweight, they are still durable and hard to break apart, they are good at absorbing moisture and are resistant to cold. 

Planters Made From Wood

Planters made from wood display a timeless rustic look, however, the weather can damage them and easily, these types of planters need re-finishing and sanding to keep them maintained.

Planters Made From Metal 

Metal planters provide a lightweight alternative and also comes with a modern finish and versatile styles and colors. When buying this type of planter make sure it’s finished with atto-corrosive iron phosphate as well as a coating of powder to prevent the accumulation of rust and fading. 

Planters Made From Polymer Resin

Planters made from polymer resin are hard-bodied like metal and stone while being lightweight at the same time. The material they are made from makes them resistant to chipping, cracking, rusting, and scratching. Compared to other commercial planters they can be about 75% lighter and the best part is that they don’t need maintenance. 

Final Words of Advice

Since you know where to find the best commercial planters for use in and around your home, here are a few final tips to remember when you want to use your planters to make your home more inviting:

  • Seek to have all your planters match each other in a certain theme.
  • Add spillers and fillers to make your planters more attractive and inviting
  • Bring commercial planters inside your home in the evening or during winter, these can stop your flowers from freezing to death.

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