Top Hacks to Clean Your Mac and All Your Dilemmas

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Do you remember the first time you unboxed your Mac? How could you not? Right! You all know unboxing a brand new Mac is an amazing experience. Its butter smooth performance and killer ergonomics make it even more memorable.

However, time takes its toll, like on everything else in this world. The same goes for your Apple devices. You may have noticed that your Mac no longer is as agile as it once was.

The slow performance of your Mac can be a result of many factors. From your working habits to the sneaky malware, which could have made its home in your system. Believe it or not, but your Mac device needs as much care as a living person next to you. After all, you spend more time with machines than humans nowadays. So, here is a list of top hacks on how you can bring your Mac to its pristine conditions.

Upgrade Your Systems RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the physical memory of your system, and upgrading it can significantly enhance the overall performance of your Mac. And, the good part is, if you keep reading this article, you can upgrade your system manually. While upgrading your system’s RAM, the only thing you need to be sure of is the maximum RAM your Mac can work with. Usually, the limit is up to 16 GB. Keep this little pointer in your mind, and you are all set.

Delete Unused Apps

Deleting unused apps from your Mac can breathe new life into it. You would be surprised to find the change in the processing speed of your Mac after you finish completing this little hack. Just make sure that you don’t remove something of importance. Such as your data or the apps you use daily.

So, what you have to do here is, head over to the finder and look for the applications list. Then just drag and drop the apps you want to remove into the bin. This hack is easy and effective and can increase the performance of your Mac for eons. 

Update macOS and Drivers to the Latest Version

Apple products do not get system updates constantly, but when they do, make sure you install them. Following this useful tip, you’ll benefit from the speed improvement and better app compatibility.   

If you keep using the outdated version of your macOS, it will not only affect its performance but also its security and privacy settings. Make sure your apps are up to date. They are the ones that connect with your devices. And to update your Mac, all you have to do is simply log in to Apple AppStore, click the last tab named “Updates”, and it will open the list of apps which are available with important updates. Just click update and you are all set.

In Conclusion

Most of the computer devices slow down with longer use. This is why you need to maintain a healthy routine for updating and cleaning your Mac.


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