E-Commerce Copywriting: How Words Can Make You More Money

E-Commerce Copywriting

Have you ever wondered why your e-commerce website is performing poorly despite having the best design layouts and modern features? The answer is simple: poor copywriting.

You simply can’t earn if you don’t pay attention to the content of your website!

Frankly speaking, even in this digital era, online vendors undermine the potential of words. They are more concerned about the design of their digital assets and are least bothered about the message they are putting up on those designed posts.

Generally, website developers design the entire layout, and then the content is used to fill the canvas up. In an ideal situation, things should be the other way around. The copywriting should dictate the design layout for more conversions.

People visit a website for information, not to devour design aesthetics; of course, the design is important but not more than the copy that delivers the essential information.

Benefits of a Hooking Web Copy

Ever wondered what will happen if you publish a perfect website copy on your e-commerce website? All we can tell you is that magic will happen.

Your sales will boost; customers will value your services, and Google ranking will improve by many folds. This was a brief introduction, now let’s take a detailed look at the perks of having on-point copy:

Brand Identity

The experience that a customer encounters at every touchpoint of your website will define the image of your brand. It is not just a claim, but a fact that copywriting helps shape the perception of your company. A consistent tone and enticing copy can elevate the customer experience and increase the consumer base.

Satisfied Customers

As discussed earlier, a customer visits an e-commerce website for only one particular reason, and that is to gain information about a certain product or a service. A well-written copy adds clarity to your web pages and enhances customer satisfaction. Copy full of errors will certainly give a bad name to your business and make it incredible.

Boosted Sales

Copy plays a vital role during every phase of the customer journey. Right from the initial phase till the very end, copy helps engage potential customers by answering every query they have about a particular product.

After being satisfied with the answers, the chances of conversions increase by many folds. Therefore, an e-commerce platform with a perfect combination of words will always make more money!

Improved SEO

Intelligently using keywords in your web copy can improve your search engine ranking. If you want to be visible on the internet, you need to invest in SEO; otherwise, your website will get lost in the vast digital universe.

Always keep in mind that you’re against giants like Amazon and Shopify; therefore, you need to deliver the best to beat the best!

How to Write Web Copy That Converts?

In this article, we will give you some of the tried and tested copywriting tips that will make your website a money-making machine!

Know Your Target Audience

You might have heard this term a lot of times as a marketer because it is all about the customer. To know what to write, copywriters need to know who they are writing for.

A little background research goes a long way as it will help you decide the tone of your copy. Moreover, it also helps you choose the words and phrases that will appeal to your target audience.

For example, let’s assume you are writing a copy for a product for men that stops hair fall. Now you will incorporate phrases and words that will attract every guy who is suffering from hair loss.

In other words, personalizing your message will create a greater impact and will fuel the conversion process.

Tell a Story

The greatest copywriter of the 20th-century, David Ogilvy, Said:

You cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them in buying it.

Humans are social beings vulnerable to the power of storytelling. Giving the flavor of story structure to a web copy can make it a hundred times more interesting. However, the storyline should follow these 5 steps to create a functional copy:

  • The customer should be portrayed as the protagonist of the storyline.
  • The customer has to solve a problem – that is the conflict in the story.
  • The story needs to narrate that the customer has tried to solve that problem many times.
  • Finally, in the climax, the product will solve that problem with ease.
  • The customer is satisfied and lives happily ever after.

Add Credibility with Social Proof

E-commerce copywriting is not just about being creative with your words; it is a lot more than that. Businesses tend to make larger-than-life claims, but they are worthless hollow words if they are not supported with social proof.

For an online vendor, building credibility is quite a task, especially when every other online store turns out to be a scam. A copywriter cannot come up with fake reviews, but what he can do is ensure that these reviews are published pleasingly.

Social proof can be published in the following forms:

  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Case studies
  • Blogs
  • Video interviews
  • testimonials

Keep It Simple

Use simple language when writing a web copy because people are looking for information and not philosophical ideologies. As Albert Einstein said:

If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.

Landing pages with simple copy have a great chance of converting potential prospects. Using complex jargon will only confuse the visitors, forcing them to look for another service provider.

Benefits over Features

As they say,

Sell the sizzle, not the steak!

Customers are only interested in how your product will serve them. They don’t want to know about how soft your mattress is; they are more into the comfortable sleep that it will offer. That is why we recommend copywriters always bombard the copy with the benefits of the product.

Adding features to the product is also important, but there are times when people are unaware of those newly introduced technologies. Therefore, it is the best practice to lead with the benefits of a product.

SEO for the Win!

Digital is a vast, ever-expanding universe. To be relevant, an e-commerce website needs to be visible. And for that to happen, it needs to have a good ranking in search engines.

For that purpose, a copywriter needs to stuff keywords on every page so that the website can rank better and generate some organic traffic.

Landing pages are the final

Wrapping It Up!

An E-commerce website without a compelling copy is like a voiceless salesman!

In a nutshell, a good copy not only tells but also sells! If things are not working out very well for your e-commerce platform, we strongly recommend incorporating the copywriting tips that have been discussed above.

Most of the e-commerce platforms have no copy for the product pages and are usually copy-pasted from the manufacturer’s website. There are two negative aspects of this practice:

  • The content will not match the tone of your business
  • Google will consider it as copied content, which will affect your ranking

Therefore, we recommend e-commerce businesses invest in copywriting because it will repay you!


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