How Designers Will Shape Advertising

Digital Advertisements

For businesses, digital advertisements are now as important as print advertising, if not more so.

As time goes on, we can expect to see fewer and fewer print ads as our daily lives continue to migrate online.

Designers have always played a major role in advertising, but that role is beginning to shift and grow with the rise of digital ads.

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Today, designers have to not only think about colors, images, text placement, and other factors in creating an advertisement, they also need to take format, medium, and user experience into consideration.

Technology like augmented reality (AR), mobile devices, and advertisements within apps like Snapchat are driving innovation in the field of advertising. Designers need to be adaptable and innovative in order to engage customers and drive ROI for advertisers.

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Designers need many different skills to succeed in advertising. They need to be imaginative, tech-savvy, and willing to adapt to new platforms, mediums, and expectations.

They also need to be good problem-solvers and understand UX concepts in order to create advertisements that look great, engage, and create sales.

The field of advertising is changing rapidly, and designers will play an important role in how successful ads of the future will be.

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There are many different design platforms to assist in creating dynamic multimedia advertising content, but without the creativity and skills of designers, advertisements will fall flat. Read more about the role of designers in digital advertisements in this infographic from Maryville University.


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