How to Edit Running PPC Ads

PPC for Online Marketing

Install Editor Tool – Ad Managing Tool

A wonderful tool that helps to save your time and drastically improves your work done before. A very simple downloadable application used to manage your PPC ad campaigning – online or offline.

Very affordable, can be downloaded, an application that allows you to work offline, and you can make bulk changes easily and instantly.

Need to Edit

There could be several reasons behind editing the pre-existing ads. Editing could be done to

  • Correct a typed text.
  • To update the resulting URL.
  • To achieve better connectivity with the audience
  • Landing page URLs of the text ads.

Take a Tip

A bit of advice that could be followed try to create new ads instead of editing your pre-existing ad. It will surely define the difference between the two versions. By default, Google ads automatically show better ad projections to achieve more crowd. You can always consult Google AdWord experts in Delhi or in your area to give you the best guidance on how to proceed with this.

Before Editing

While editing an ad following occurs:

  • When we save the edited version of our ad, we must save it with a new version name.
  • The new ad will be following the usual approval process.
  • We are always able to have a look at our history of previous ads.
  • We will not be able to resume our original version.

Be Aware.

Google ads editor 12.4 or higher is available now to make editing much easier. The drawbacks faced by the older version can now be overcome.

Guidelines to Edit Your Add Text or Add Text in Bulk.

Initial Instructions

  • Log in to your Google ads account.
  • At the page menu to the left, click Ads and Extensions.
  • Select the ad you must edit.
  • Point your cursor to the ad’s name and click on the pencil icon.
  • Start editing.
  • Complete the editing procedure as per your desires and click the save new version option.
  • The new ad is ready to be reviewed.

Editing an Ad Text

  • Log into Google ads account.
  • Go to the page menu click on Ads and Extensions.
  • Click Ads appearing at the top of the page.

In the dialog box now, you can edit –

  • Final URL
  • Headlines
  • Display path
  • Description

Make changes according to your need in all the above-given categories.

Click save a new version. Hence saving all the updates made by yourself. Your new ad is ready for review.

Editing Ad Text in Bulk.

  • Sign in to your Google ads account.
  • Go to the page menu and click Ads and extensions.
  • Check the box or number of boxes in the menu bar of the ad you want to edit.
  • Click on the edit option.
  • We can make changes to expanded text ads and expanded dynamic search ads.

Edit– the descriptions can be changed, headlines can be changed, display path or final URL can be changed.

Find and Replace – few words or phrases can be replaced with others.

Add to Text– New text can be added after or before exiting the previous ads.

Change Case -you can go for the lower case.

Your new text ad is ready for preview to have a look at it.

Google Editor Tool – Make Your Work as Simple.

  1. It starts instantly: It helps you to transfer all your account data with Google import directly into the editor section.
  2. Work faster. Synchronize your campaigns with your accounts. Apply whatever changes or additions you desire to make offline and finally upload your revisions.
  3. Can perform editing in bulk: Very efficiently create campaigns, edit ads, and controls millions of keywords in a while. Also manages proficient URLs, ad copy, budget, bids, targeting, and ad extensions.
  4. Maintains multiple accounts: It helps to download multiple accounts at the same time, allows copy and pastes from one account to another, and performs multiple Google imports.
  5. Consistently research for new keywords and bidding: Regularly discover new keyboards and bids using the keyword research tool add very instantly and easily added to your campaign.

Primarily Focus on EDITING.

Editing your pre-existing PPC ad campaigning helps to drive more conversions. Constant updation as per the market trends creates awesome landing pages to support the PPC ad campaign. Enhance your ads without incrementing your cost and wait for the exclusive output.

Final Thoughts

Get easy campaign management with Google ads editor because.

Efficiently Shows Performance Offline.

Ad campaigns can be downloaded to keep you working while you are offline.

Leverage Bulk Editing for Text

Can efficiently manage all your, add accounts at once. With the help of Google ads editor, we can search, replace text, move texts across multiple campaigns.

Able to Review Changes before Posting.

Before executing your post, you can have a look at your draft. Various files can be exported and imported so that your workmates can have a review of them.

Monitor Performance Metrics. Can efficiently track the various ad campaign metrics like click-through rate, cost, position, and convergence.


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