How to Start a Software Development Company in 7 Easy Steps

Software Development Company

In comparison to other types of businesses, launching a software company is quite simple. You don’t need a warehouse for a software company, and you don’t have to worry about merchants, wholesalers, or manufacturers.

All you need to start a software development company in Dubai is a laptop and high-speed Internet. You can begin working as a freelancer with these two items. You can begin your freelance career by signing up for Upwork or Freelancer. If you are unable to get projects, you may wish to consider purchasing a pro account.

Why is Starting as a Freelancer Important?

Starting a software firm, especially one that provides a service, requires more than just technical competence. It is critical to thoroughly comprehend this area of business. Working as a freelancer means dealing with the CEO, COO, Managing Directors, Account Managers, and, in some circumstances, the technical SEO team.

Working with such dedicated staff allows you to learn about various facets of a business. If you are working under someone, you may not have the opportunity to work with all of these professionals at first. As a result, starting out as a freelancer is critical.

Things to Consider When Running a Software Company

Consider that you currently have 3-4 freelance tasks operating and that your next step is business expansion. Consider the following factors when beginning or running your software company:

1) Is it a partnership or a business loan?

This is a question worth a million dollars. If you successfully bring on 4-5 projects from Linkedin or another freelancing network on your own, you can consider taking out a company loan; otherwise, you should look for investors.

Remember that while considering a business loan, you will have complete power over your firm to make any choice, and for the partnership, you will require votes from each other partner/investor.

2) Increase your investment in the sales crew

You should not underestimate the value of your sales team. The sales crew is the foundation of any company. Having a solid sales team helps you receive more projects, which equals more business expansion and growth. Along with increasing business, the sales team ensures brand reputation in marketing, customer connections, and client retention.

3) Conduct thorough market research

Along with revenue, competent marketing research is essential for corporate growth. A few years ago, the jquery market was thriving all over the world. Most businesses were considering jquery for front-end development, but currently, other Javascript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue are being considered.Companies prioritize js for front-end development.

Consider the screenshot above from Google Trends. Jquery ruled front-end programming in 2013, whereas Angular and React were young and most developers did not trust them. While the market trend currently in 2020 is the contrary, this may alter in the future. It is critical to conduct adequate market research before making any investment or hiring individuals with such skill-sets for technologies you are unfamiliar with.

4) Invest wisely

It is critical to invest wisely in a software company. It is critical to think critically before investing in low-cost laptops, infrastructure, and office space. Location is irrelevant to a software company that provides a service.

The majority of your clients will not visit your office; all meetings will take place online via Skype call. If necessary, your sales team will travel to the client’s location. As a result, investing excessive amounts in infrastructure, designs, and office location is unnecessary.

When it comes to laptops, it is critical to purchase the best budget laptops that are suitable for programming. A laptop with at least 4 GB RAM, powerful processors, and sufficient storage is required for programming.

5) Employ experienced personnel

When it comes to leadership and advice, experience is quite important, especially for a start-up. Experienced personnel pose less risk to the company and have more knowledge. Aside from that, experienced professionals are multitaskers and adaptive to changing circumstances.

Most essential, they understand how to complete tasks in the shortest period of time. So, while experienced programmers may appear to be expensive at first, they are ultimately the most crucial cause for customer retention and quality work.

6) Increase security

The majority of your customers and code will be stored in the cloud rather than on local storage. Hackers hacked Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barak Obama, Bill Gates, and a few others a few months ago. The social engineering approach was used to carry out this attack.

Not only the external hackers are a threat to your company, but your sales team also needs to be careful with your employees. To avoid any security threat to sensitive client information, many organizations give the sales team a separate work location.

As a result, you must ensure that all information kept in the cloud is password protected. All emails should be encrypted with a one-time password using authentication software. This reduces the likelihood of security threats.

To lessen the security risk, you can save decimal numbers into your Excel sheet or database using numbering languages such as binary, octal, and hexadecimal. To improve security, many startups consider decimal to binary conversion approaches. Consider using a decimal-to-binary conversion tool for encrypted conversions between team members.

7) Do not miss marketing

If you have access to funds, then do not waste a second and invest it in either SEO or PPC. You can either hire full-time digital marketers or hire freelancers. In the long run, SEO is beneficial for lead generation, online reputation management, brand awareness & credibility.

If you are looking for quick leads, then you should consider pay-per-click marketing. PPC can generate great business leads from the very first day of your ad campaign. PPC is way more expensive than SEO, so you need to make sure that your company has enough funds for such a campaign.

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Conclusive Thoughts

Running a software development service-based firm is easier than running other businesses if all of your goals are executed successfully and you invest wisely. It gets much easier when you understand not only programming but also sales, marketing, and network trends.

As a result, it is advised to thoroughly investigate each area before beginning to hire staff and invest in location, infrastructure, and other technological equipment.


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