How to Use Edtech to Advance Your Career

Use Edtech to Advance Your Career

In the last 20 years, education technology, or edtech, quickly became central to work and education. Employees began internet-based on-the-job training and learners started to depend on applications to master new skills.

From technicians to doctors, trainees everywhere began dipping their toes in blended learning solutions to work toward their career goals.

This year, due to social distancing efforts, those learners were forced to fully submerge in these practices and started to recognize the benefits.

Instead of suffering through a week-long training session from HR or hiring a professional to present OSHA guidelines, employers started to use online instructions to get their workers up to speed efficiently.

Now trainees can reap the benefits from microlearning, blending learning, and multi-directional training to boost their careers.

This year has been a difficult year for people everywhere. Whether you were laid off and need to learn skills to add to your resume or you want to keep an edge in your industry, edtech can give you the reins on your career. Use this visual to discover some of the benefits that edtech can have on your career and keep an eye on emerging trends.

edtech trends and benefits

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